The 'Wolfie' Booklet is READY!

I've written a 6-part email series about Wolfie. You know, that voice in your head that says "Drink Now." I talk about why I call this voice 'wolfie', the lies that wolfie tells, how change the channel in your head, how to identify the destructive voice when it ISN'T saying Drink Now (what else does it say?), and how to get rid of the voice.

The booklet is now available on my site:

Print version > link ($10 and I'll send it to you by mail from France)
PDF version > link ($1.99)
Audio version > link ($9.99)

And it's available on Amazon Kindle:

US > link
UK > link
France > link  
Germany > link
Canada > link
Australia > link

P.S. You can always go to Amazon and search for 'wolfie drinking' or search for the product code B07ZBCXT4J and the kindle file will come up.

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if sobriety is like a little chick that you have to protect, then here's a visual reminder. don't let it get squished in traffic. 

that said, this lovely bird painting also reminds me of a bird watching. maybe the little chick is the better part of you. the part that watches you to see what you will do next

"Little Chick 12"
10" x 10" (25 x 25 cm)
acrylic on wrapped canvas
sides are painted BLACK so it does not need to be framed.

closeup of the cute little head


art by mr.belle.
hugs, me and him