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WEB TRAFFIC STATS: your favourite subject? adorable pets. If you’ve ever wondered what happens to your web traffic when you post pictures of cute dogs from a sober photography project, here’s your answer:



COMBINE THAT with the video I posted on Sunday about your second favourite subject (treats).


NOW MIX IN a very healthy inbox filled with feedback from my micro email message on Saturday. The one about having a flash of ‘noble poverty’ while out of town on Saturday. I sent out an email describing my experience (if you’re on the micro-email list), and holy good god, the insightful ideas, messages, and feedback i’ve received so far are unbelievable. If you didn’t get the saturday micro-email about turning Wine O’Clock into Life O’Clock then let me know and i’ll send it to you (tiredofdrinking@gmail.com).

Here is a tiny sample of the messages I received on Saturday:

Carrie K: “Belle- What an awesome realization!  I call finding things like this, seeing Invisible Fences, boundaries we’ve set up for ourselves and are careful to live within — without even realizing we are doing so.  Finally seeing one of these fences, especially a big tall one like this, seems to inevitably bring on a whole cascade of changes.  One sees area after area of one’s life that these unconscious assumptions have affected… I will find it fascinating to see how more of your awesomeness manifests now that you realize there is no inherent value or virtue in being ‘poor’!”

Janet: “It’s great to hear you saying this, SEEING this. Fuck that damn wolfie cousin who whispers “you’re not enough…You are poor, that’s who you are, that’s how you must define yourself”. I’m telling him to get the fuck out of your head. I’m taking my broom, swatting him a few times, and sending him on his way to some other house. Not mine tho’!! …

Gordon: “Thanks for your mail-out last night. I got it pretty late on and it made me very happy to read it. I must have re-read it about four times.”


If you’re not on the micro-email list, then you’re missing about 25% of what goes on here. I know, maybe you’re tired of me. I understand. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I get it. And this isn’t a sales pitch. It’s just an invitation for you — if you’re looking for more sober ideas, realizations, genius, and tears — to get onto the micro-email list. Just ask. I’ll add you.


It’s been an interesting and eventful few days. Time now for a lovely ‘english’ breakfast of cottage cheese, chopped apple, raisins, and decaf. Happy Tuesday 🙂


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