Sunday Home-Alone Treats


Thanks to the Tiny Gift Button

Used some tiny gift money to get myself some treats this morning. Just put Mr. B on a plane to go home for a funeral.
Feel guilty having yummy food without him. Trying to take good care of me while his family takes good care of him.
Today begins with a run (in the 11C sun!), a cup of tea, and then i’m going to have some of this still-warm rotisserie chicken.
Followed by the cherry/pistachio tartelette.
Followed by a hockey game.
Followed by a nap.
Followed by another nap.

sobriety is like a cheap meat pie …

from me:

here’s what i know about me. escaping to bed is my number one go-to strategy. warm bed, clean sheets, under the covers. 8:45 pm is not too early. i need more than toast for breakfast. I feel better when i run. I like having a clean desk. and i write the same fucking lists over and over and seem to (not very adequately) be able to get my shit together. sleep. run. eat. clean and tidy. repeat. repeat. I’m heading into an overnight shift of baking on wednesday night which isn’t ideal for the sleep category. i think i’m worrying in advance. ha. i amuse myself. stay here, I say. have a shower, shave your legs, put on baby powder, let your hair dry, put on striped socks, stay here. baking is later. you’re here now. do this now. do this thing here. little chick. pat pat pat. and buy some salted caramel chocolate. yes.

from my inbox:

Olivia (day 13): “I listened to the sober decluttering call a week ago. You asked if you came over to our house would we be able to let you in without being embarrassed. When I was deep in my binge drinking, I would have been horrified. But now, my house is company ready most of the time. Not Queen of England ready — I do have 2 kids and a dog — but I would happily invite you in for tea 🙂  I realized this today when one of my daughter’s friends was dropped off at our house with a five minute notice. All I had to do was hang some coats and pick up a few stray Cheerios and I was ready. It’s amazing how less chaotic my life is without wine being the focus.”

AmandaJ (day 6): “I’m away on a work trip.I am off out to soak up the sunrise and take in the sights and sounds of this amazing city. Walk myself to death and breath in the mountain air. I’m determined to cram in as much good stuff as I can, daily, hourly on my second attempt at the challenge. This time I get it and will heed your advice about replacing the bad shit with the wonderous. I liken my first attempt at sobriety to a cheap meat pie. I ripped out the filling and just sat and watched the empty pie shell. This time round I’ve re stuffed the pie with a delicious nutritious filling crammed full of veggies and herbs and love. I realise where I went wrong last time. I didn’t add anything wonderous, just took out the booze and there was just a big boring gap in my life. Lesson learned.”

Wean: “Sober! I am not a broken person, I am a good person wanting to get better.  And I will!” [she’s on day 27 today]

Hamburger Treat

hamburger-treatThanks to the Tiny Gift Button

This is when i remembered to take a picture of the great hamburger meal — sorry the burgers were already gone!
and the fries were gone. and the sprite and the fizzy water. It was the perfect lunch yesterday (sunday),
followed by a trip to the library, and then an afternoon spent reading on the couch…

M&S food treats

food.treats.jan5.textThanks to the Tiny Gift Button

When you’re an expat living abroad, there’s nothing like having a friend buy you treats from Marks & Spencer.
There’s my podcast-famous chicken enchilada! as well as two kinds of ‘normal’ flour, double cream, cottage cheese with pineapple,
and a chinese meal for Mr. B (he loves noodles of all kinds)


food treats :)

food.treats.jan3.textThanks to the Tiny Gift Button

After a successful trip to the cardiologist, I am now allowed to run again beginning tomorrow. All is well.
Thought I’d celebrate with a trip to the specialty food store.

Today’s Ticker:
(ha! cardiologist. ticker. get it?)

(number of people in Team 100)

(wolfie bracelets left in this batch)

(pots of mint tea consumed today)

(amount paid for emergency medical transport … cardiologist says they didn’t bill him,
and they didn’t ask for my health care card …)

(number of EKG samples my cardiologist gave to the transport team for them to use for ‘teaching’ purposes (my heart will be famous))

(pieces of pannetone i plan to eat after i polish off that tray of sushi)

(time i was in bed last night – thanks moon)

(number of hours of sleep i got last night)

My present for 18 months sober …

my date of last drink: June 30th, 2012.  Date today: December 30th, 2013. So by the end of today I can safely say that I am 18 months sober.  For a girl who thought she couldn’t get past 9 days (and couldn’t without help!), to have now learned that reaching out, treats, sleep and tea would be such lifesavers… well for this girl, for me, i’ve been scheming on a treat for myself. to celebrate being sober.

i love the idea of recycling shit, taking the best of something unwanted and turning it into something new (sort of like how we remake our lives once sober). so then i find a guy in germany who takes old leather/motorcycle jackets and turns them into custom bags… holy, you can’t imagine how excited i am.

i asked if he could custom design a bag for me with FUW (fuck u wolfie) on the front … cuz no one will know what FUW means, except me. and you.

Here’s what he came up with:

fuw bag icm_fullxfull.34356988_c68tf2e3wpkcso8808s8

It’s made form recycled leather jackets, and recycled leather schoolbags, it has pockets for cell phones and stuff. it has a big long strap that i can adjust (39″ to 47″ / 100-120 cm). and it’s big but not too big, and it’s small but not too small.  * Dimensions: 10″ H x 13,4″ W x 4,5″ D ( 25 cm x 34 cm x 12 cm).

I did ask if i could custom order a few extras, in case someone else wants one, and given the length of time to create and the complexity of the job (and since it’s a custom order), he said he could do a total of 5 (1 for me + 4).

If you haven’t had a big sober treat yet, if your christmas presents weren’t ideal, or if you’d like to join me welcoming in the new year with a kick-ass fuck you wolfie bag, then here’s the link > * The price is $380 USD / approx. 275 euros. Only 4 available / delivery is 4-8 weeks as he literally has to make the bags from scratch 🙂 * the photo is a mock-up of what he’s going to make … he hasn’t created them yet, so exact stencil lettering (other than the required FUW), etc. may vary slightly.

i am so fucking excited, i can’t tell you. happy soberversary to ME!

i need a shero (bonnie tyler?)

Hana (day 65):

Hope you’re having a wonderful vacation! Just listened to your prerecorded Christmas Open Call … great audio, I laughed, nodded, said yes to your questions, and even cried a bit toward the end. It’s the holidays so we can be emotional right? (: I loved how you mentioned not drinking in Sonoma, and talked a ton about yellow food, shot down the idea that when we act badly while intoxicated it’s our real selves, and the courage of those on the call was huge… Good, good stuff!!! Thanks for being you, this was really, really helpful as I wade through the seemingly endless holidays. This is hard shit but ya I’m proud to be sober, big time!

Erinup (day 173): 

“Things I learned on my first non-pregnant, over 21, sober Christmas.

— wrapping gifts at 11:30 on Christmas Eve is much easier sober.  Mostly because I remember where I hid everything and I am not falling asleep while trying to wrap.

— waking up on Christmas morning and being excited to see the kiddies open their gifts is better without a hangover. Better meaning it doesn’t even compare!

— arguing with the mother-in-law on Christmas day is much better when I don’t have to worry if I overreacted, said something I’ll regret — or even worse said something I won’t remember.  For the record: in previous years I thought she was being a bitch, but then I thought maybe I was being over sensitive because I was drinking. Nope, she’s a bitch.

— getting sick from food poisoning on Christmas night sucks, but it is better getting sick and not thinking or having other people think that the real reason is that I drank too much.

Nothing monumental, but everything was better.  Better =  easier, clearer, happier.”

Lynda (is it 38 years sober? or 39?):

“I’m beyond thrilled that you have sold out all the [new necklaces]. So many people are benefitting from your blog and its accoutrements — words on page, audio words, jewelry to keep our intentions in the front of our actions, emails to bolster when we’re feeling low, open calls so we can all hear each other if we want to speak out… You are amazing. Keep up the inimitable work you are doing that is keeping you clean and sober and dragging many hundred people with you. I have needed a new hero and you are the ONE !~! Shero Belle.”

Happy 200 days to Trish!

Happy 200 days to Patricia!

Happy 180 days to Beckie!

Happy 180 days to Emm Ce!

Happy 150 to Sharon!

Happy 150 to Erin-Kay!

Happy 150 to Jennifer!

Happy 100 days to Happier Like This!

Happy 100 days to NoWine4Me!

Happy 100 days to Emily!

Happy 100 days to Cat Girl!

Happy 100 days to Julieanne!

Happy 100 days to Carol!

Happy 50 days to Caro!

Happy 50 days to Norman!

Happy 50 days to Annabelle!

Happy 50 days to Ginger Funk!

Happy 50 days to Primrose!

fruit treat


Thanks to the Tiny Gift Button

Imported blueberries (from argentina i think), a few precious raspberries, and mandarin oranges from Spain (though i think they’re called clementines)

Today’s Ticker:

(number of people in Team 100)

(wolfie bracelets left in this batch)

(number of days in a row i’ve felt like $1 million)

(number of mandarine oranges eaten today already)

(number of books read so far this year, not sure if i’m going to make my goal of 52)

(number of work days left until christmas vacation)