fancy food treats (thank you )

returned to the expensive catering take-out places, for more food research …

my ideas: it’s very expensive, which works for that one neighbourhood, but it is still on the very top end of acceptable in terms of expense (and might even be OVER that threshold), the food is homemade and fresh, it is very very good food, better than most of the restaurant food.

the downsides of this particular place (things i would improve): the food is the same day-to-day, week-to-week and in the same location in the chiller. no variety. it could be: this week mustard meatballs, next week it’s chinese meatballs. even the pastries are identical week to week. it’s dull for the cook and perhaps too much the same for clients. i would also have some food in the window. it makes people want to come in if they can see the food from the outside… even better if you can see someone PREPARING the food from the outside …

fancy sparkling water, 3 meatballs with veggies, beet and walnut salad, chicken and artichoke salad with tomatoes, two desserts: chocolate mousse with fruit and creme-anglais, and blackberries and cream on top of chocolate tart on shortbread crust


Thanks to the Tiny Gift Button

sober writing treat


working on a secret writing project (samples can be found in the micro-emails). this is my sober reward for 5 days in a row of writing first thing in the morning, modem unplugged, before i run, in the dark most days. Wanted to do 500 words a day. Am averaging 1000. I bought these english tea cups from a new tea man, who can make sober tea for us. all is well in the world today. i’m pretty darn thankful 🙂

extract from today’s micro-email: “What I know now (that I didn’t know then) is that no matter how high or low our drinking bottom is – DUI or jail or rehab or lost marriage or lost opportunity or wasted time – we share these four things…”