if you are drinking then you will be irritated by me

i’m sharing this email from my inbox because i get this question every so often, and so i know that if one person is saying it, then 10 people are thinking it!

and let me preface this by saying that if you’d like to leave a comment below, please be kind. if you are not kind, i won’t moderate the comment 🙂 You can criticize me, I’m OK with that. Just don’t be shitty with each other.

from my inbox:


“For some reason I can’t respond to some of the stuff you’ve been sending out by email. You are doing a lot of good. But you are irritating me beyond belief. You don’t seem to know where you fit!? The commercial push is starting to grate. Then you apologize for it. You are doing a lot of good, but perhaps it’s time to make it a business vs a pseudo penpal thingy. Do it for free or do it as a therapist. You’ve helped a lot of people, just make up your mind as to what you’re going to do. Free blogger or business. Nothing wrong with either one.”


hi there, thanks for this. What I’ve been doing is a model that is 80% free with 20% paid. It’s sort of like Facebook. Lots of people use only the free stuff, and then some people pay – and those who pay cover enough of the expenses to keep it going for everyone. I’m sorry if I’m irritating to you. I’m not a therapist so I can’t really say that I am. I’m just a sober girl with 2100+ penpals.

Wolfie will often tell you that I am full of shit because I’m (a) sober and/or (b) that I seem happy to be sober. If you’re drinking a bit these days, then wolfie will tell you that I can’t help you … which isn’t true. My commercial links are the same as they have been for 18 months. One shameless commercial link per email, at the bottom of the message usually.

And you’re irritated but you’re still here 🙂 Which is good 🙂 Your spot in the challenge is here, too. Let me know when you’d like to begin again. You’re member 275. That doesn’t change.

hugs from me


“Fair enough, thanks for the response. Will keep in touch :)”