Team 180 – turn your life around

KC (day 98): “The crux of the matter is: I’m almost at Day 100 and a little freaked out about it. I know I’m not going to rush out and drink — in fact, I have no plans to ever drink again. And yet, even typing the word ‘ever’ gave me a chill just now. I love the structure of 100 days and knowing where I am within it. I can’t calibrate myself the same way within ‘forever.’ And ‘one day at a time’ is too much decision-making. What’s a structure-loving girl to do, dear Belle, when she’s nearing the end of the safety net? Wondering if you might have any tips for me from your own experience or that of other Team 100 alums. (Maybe we need a Team 365?!)”

Dear KC.  Here’s my answer. How about a Team 180 🙂 you know, like a play on words for ‘doing a 180’ – turning your life around 🙂 let me know if you’d like to sign up. i can make up a pledge, like the one for team 100, that includes “not drinking if i need surgery, not drinking if my husband drinks, and not drinking if there is a zombie apocalypse.”

also from my inbox:

Hana (day 9):  “I’ve still got a number of good friends for whom alcohol is deeply embedded into their core lifestyle. Spending time with them I’m struck by how boring it is to hang out with them because sobriety gives me all this energy to make life fun and drama free. Inebriation really provides a false sense of ‘wow, isn’t this fun and important’ but really we are just sitting around talking and it’s kind of boring how worked up and silly you are. It’s not all that interesting, it’s actually kind of stupid and lame. I’m sure you relate and I’m so glad to say that these days it’s only the idea of drinking that sounds good, and the reality is quite different.”

Carol (43): “This is my second time sober, I went for 2 years then had BIG family, health problems and slowly fell back into drinking for the next 2 years. Now I know for sure that if I take one drink it may be YEARS before I can stop. … I will turn 60 in February and I decided I’d rather be dead than to turn 60 a drunk.”

Team 100 Update:

266 members, welcome to Jan (21), Ali Cat (13), Becky Boo (8), Carol (43), Steve (7), Maureen (21), Helen (5), Reading Creature (5), and Verity (6). Happy days to: runningfromthebooze (103), Tiffany (101), Ingrid (99!), Sarita (99!).  Tammy and Shel are on day 180 today. Pam (50), Kay & Yoga not booze (20).  carrie is on day 201!