help. super bowl party

Beach Gurl (day 66): “Help. Having Super Bowl party at my house! The real me does NOT WANT TO DRINK! Wolfie has called in his pack and they are all howling at me! Shut the FUCK UP! I can do this! Party starts in 2 hours… If you get this… I could use an encouraging word to blast wolfie and pack between their eyes!
Ps… Made me feel a little stronger just writing this!”

me: “here’s the truth: wolfie is just a noise, it’s not a command or a demand. it’s not a ‘must act upon’. wolfie is a thought, and a voice, and whining three year old crying for a donut.

we do not give children donuts to shut them up. We say very calmly: no donuts now.  maybe later, but definitely not now. Then we send them to their rooms. we occasional give them a spank on the bum when necessary. And this may be one of those times.

Instead, you say to wolfie: “I’m having diet lemonade and tonic and grapefruit juice and tea. I’m going to pour myself four different drinks in four different glasses.  And then I’m going to drink them … because the boozer in me hates to let things go to ‘waste’ and I’ll hate to waste the 4 non-alcoholic drinks. fuck you wolfie.”

love, me


Rebecca: “Writing and asking for help can make it easier.  Good on you for doing that.  So can taking a walk to get some air (its just so hot with all these people! ) or running to the store for something. And maybe on the way back stop for a coffee n take your time getting back. There’s always saying you feel kinda icky n just need to turn in early.  No one can question that.  You can do this girl! Make sure you’ve got some yummy drinks on hand.  And treats!”