Stay Here Part II


Yeah, so here’s what happened.  I was flying for the first time sober, and I heard a voice. Thankfully the voice was coming from inside my own head, and it said “Stay Here.” Stay in the moment. Don’t go off worrying about tomorrow or yesterday or later or whenever. Don’t freak out about what could happen. First, it probably won’t. Second, you waste energy for no reason. Third, you look goofy holding on for dear life while everyone else is sipping their tea and reading magazines.

well, i was pretty proud of myself for this “Stay here” idea, until i got this email from KT on the day she arrived at 100 days sober:

… I wanted to thank you for the “stay here” post.  That has been my saving grace more times than I can count!  For my treat for reaching 100 days I’m going to get that tattooed on the inside if my wrist!  🙂

Tattooed! Holy, that’s bravery batman. I could never get a tattoo.  I’m too much of a chicken.

But KT inspired me.  And i contacted bracelet chick #2, and asked her to design a bracelet for me.  It’s *brass*, and is lightly brushed on the outside.

stay here

I loved it so much that I’ve asked her if she can make more for us, and she can! (thanks laura).