an audio about your mood (and being sober!)

this is an extract from the live show i recorded on monday about managing our MOOD when sober. the full episode is being sent to podcast subscribers today and tomorrow.

from N: “I missed the live show – would love to catch up with it but I’m not currently subscribed to the podcasts. Is this something you might put up as a stand alone purchase?”

me: 🙂 well the live show was 2 hrs long, and so will be split into 3-4 podcasts. it might be cheaper to be a podcast subscriber than get them as singles. a subscription would give you 8-ish audios in a month and the subscription is only $26.21/month versus the stand alone price of $5 each (x 8 = $40) … huglets

update from yesterday’s email
When I sent out the email inviting you to read and stay plugged-in to your sober stuff, here are some of the replies:

  • My sobriety is important. I am important. Doing this one small thing every day keeps me motivated. Some days they help more than others. Some days, I think I am fine and I don’t need any help. But even then, the help never hurts. Other days, I find there is something in your message that turned out to be exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. Thank you for doing what you do, it helps many more than I think you realize.
  • I pledge to open every email from you and click on a link in each email between now and January 2. Because drifting is dumb … I’m going to remember that in terms of my sobriety the only thing that’ll change is my location during the holidays, so I do just the same things while I’m away as I do at home – all my sober supports and treats.
  • I am on day 2 and doing ok … I’m also caregiver to our 33-year-old daughter who has Cerebral Palsy. Stressful, so I’ve been drinking too much. Need to stop for her. Your daily inspiration really helps. Thanks for your unique insight and humor.
  • I will open every email you send with gratitude, from now until Jan 2nd, because it is fucking amazing knowing that someone cares enough about me to send daily emails, with links to sober supports. I will click on the links to those sober supports too, even if I don’t buy anything. Because I want you to know I appreciate you and I appreciate you reaching out to me by emails, I need these emails to remind me that what I’m doing is important.
  • I pledge to not only open but also read every line of every sober email that you send to me between now and January 2nd, 2039. If Belle cares enough to take the time to send them, then Heather will care enough to set up an alert on my phone with a special Belle ringtone alert when an email arrives from you. I will open and read your sober emails, not just preview them on my phone because there is no point in just previewing them, I wouldn’t see the whole encouragement and strength message that may come at just the right moment (this whole just the right message at just the right time thing occurs regularly), but also, by just previewing them, it could possibly be used by my bit of drinking head that still exists as an excuse to put snowshoes on and walk 10 miles to the nearest shop that sells booze. I have purchased 2 gig extra data to do this, as I am spending the season alone (dog is invited) in a log cabin in the mountains of North Wales… no wifi within 25 miles of me. I cannot guarantee a signal, but I will walk a maximum of 2 miles to find one- this is my Christmas effort gift to you. I also pledge to click and see where the mysterious link in each email will lead me to, but I cannot promise I will not buy anything. I want to show you Belle that i’m out there, in between the mountains on one side and the sea on the other side of me, relaxing alone, still sober even when I get mad when I will inevitably understand what I have been missing out on for the last 7 years. I’ll open and read your emails and click a link every day between now and January 2nd 2039. There is no reason whatsoever good enough on this fucking earth that I will happen to not be sober, so I am skipping that part of the pledge..but to make you happy, I will promise you that if for some stupid, made-up, idiotic and most likely death inducing reason i happen to not be sober, i will still open and read your emails to me and click on your link that you made an effort to provide everyday. Because I know that drifting from my sober supports is setting myself up on purpose, giving myself a slightly nudged open door to make up an excuse to drink; and not giving this babygirl the self love she deserves, and therefore, i will need to be engaged more. I owe it to myself first and foremost, and to you because of all of your efforts to try to get me to come to your side of the mountain to at least let you know that I’m still here. Still alive. Still sober.


“I have potential when i’m sober”
sober art, thanks to mr.belle

this is an original painting, so there’s only one copy available.

weekend audio: oh look, you’ve evolved

I have a sober podcast subscription thing with one to two new audios a week for subscribers. And i’ve just recorded episode #100 for the podcast (holy good god). Unbelievable really.

and since I often send out an audio with a discount on the weekends, and this weekend I’m mostly offline and not sitting here to distribute audios manually, I thought – you know what? i’ll put up Episode #100 for everyone to hear. This will be the newest podcast for my audio podcast subscription once i’m back online for real.

This audio will be available for 48 hrs till Tuesday June 16th @ 9 am EST

[ this link has been removed ]

Podcast episode #100 is available on the archives page here.


Thanks to all subscribers, past and present, for supporting this adventure. One hundred audios? Didn’t plan this!

Hope you enjoy today’s audio.

Can you please leave a comment below once you’ve listened? Anonymous comments are totally fine. Hugs from me.


Comment from Cricket (who i mention in this audio):

“Thank you so much for the personalized podcast. I just needed some extra strength and support … it’s everything I needed me more [and SO inexpensive.] What a gift to me! Thank you Belle! I figured that if I relapse, I’d be spending way more than this, so why wouldn’t I pay that small amount for some strength, encouragement and a little help from a friend? Like you said, I’m not the same person I was.  I’ve evolved.  I’m making it through.  I went back to “the scene of the crime” and I’m sober!  I couldn’t have done it without you.  Thanks for the podcast. It made me cry a little.  Good tears!  … You are literally a life saver! Not to mention a marriage saver, career saver, a sanity saver, a joy restorer, a self esteem booster, a relationship restorer and plain and simply The Woman That Saved My Life!!!  I hope that the blessings you’ve given to me are multiplied back to you ten times over!!!  Thank you! Cricket”


weekend audio: No More U-Turns

I often send out an audio with a discount on the weekends, but this weekend since I’m mostly offline and not sitting here to distribute audios manually, I thought I’d put up a complete audio that everyone can hear.

This audio is about doing a u-turn: we go out into the sober world, and then if we have a drink, we go back and have to begin again. This audio is recorded outside at the park on my hand-held device (offline) so there’s park noise and stuff.

Mallards4us says: “I so needed this today. Listened with a lump in my throat. Especially liked the ending. I think I’m going to go look for some kids playing and watch them too… Thank you!”

This audio will be available until Monday at about 9 a.m. Eastern. The only thing I ask is that you leave a comment below after you listen.

[ link removed ]

You can find this audio HERE and it’s #56.


weekend audio: There is no magical time

I often send out an audio with a discount on the weekends, but this weekend since I’m offline and not sitting here to distribute audios manually, I thought I’d put up a complete audio that everyone can hear. This will be the newest podcast for my audio podcast subscription thingy once i’m back online for real.

[ this link has been removed ]

To listen to this podcast PLUS 4 others right now, after you click here to try a podcast subscription (1 month trial) I will send you the link to access all 5 current podcasts. Of course, you can cancel whenever you want.


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