backpack of rocks

from me:

“Dear SD: I had no big ‘bottom’ with my drinking. My life was *fine* on the outside … but on the inside, i knew it was only a matter of time.

Trying to think your way through sobriety is so hard, because often our thinking is muddled and full of wolfie. Really, all you can do is ‘get through it’… you’re on day 98 today, that’s already a huge achievement.

You may be wondering “what now” but really the answer is keep doing what you’ve been doing.  It’s working. You’re sober.  You maybe are looking around wondering why this is so hard, why did it take you so long, why are you such a fuck-up. You might think you’re supposed to be doing something differently.

You aren’t. You’re sober.

It might be time to figure out a sober hobby now that you’re 100 days. Before it was too confusing, but now you can begin to explore a bit.

Oh. And you can put down the backpack of rocks now.  (Not sure if you’ve done my sober jumpstart class, i think the backpack is in lesson #1 or it might be in the intro).

hugs, me”

[and today SD is on day 100!]


Happy Day 50 to Melinda!

Happy Day 50 to KeviKev!

Happy Day 100 to Debs!

Happy Day 100 to James!

Happy Day 100 to SignGurl!

Happy Day 100 to SD!

Happy Day 100 to Moon Alley!

Happy Day 100 to Jeannie Yogini!

Happy Day 200 to LD!

Happy Day 200 to Donna!

Happy Day 200 to Laurie!

Happy Day 200 to BST!