sober reading

ok, you know, i’m not a big fan of sober books. I find them to be too much “drunkalogue” and not enough “here’s how good life can be afterwards.”

but as I (perhaps) embark on writing something myself, i figure i should make up a sober reading list for the summer and check out some of what’s out there. since i’ve ready (literally) none of it. I want to make sure my book is different. or better. or that it can bring a little bit of sunshine.

can you recommend a sober book you liked? i know you’ve read 10-20 of them 🙂 which ones did you like (and why).

and also, importantly, which ones did you NOT like, and why.

you can be anonymous here. don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. not everyone will like everything.

I’ve read: Jason Vale / Allen Carr (very good, with reservations), Augusten Burrough’s Dry (very good), and Lit by Mary Karr (too much of a drunkalogue for me). And maybe I read Caroline Knapp’s Drinking: A Love Story, or i’ve mixed it up with Mary Karr’s book (no strong impression, clearly). That’s it, that’s my total list so far. So I need your advice. What say you? What should I read because it’s good. and what should I read so that i know what bad looks like?