find one person you can tell

this is the end of my three days in a hotel, working on completing the first draft of the sober book. I’ve been bored, tired, irritated, asleep, running, and writing. I’m ready to go home now.

the book is together in one document, in order, and is about the right length after chopping out 62 pages and moving them to a separate file, which can later be used for podcasts!

I’ve hired an in-between editor to review for big things before i send it to the book editor in the UK. The in-between editor has the first chunk as of this morning.

i had to check out of my room at noon, so for the last 5 hrs i’ve been down here in the breakfast nook, typing and typing.

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Extract from the list of 60 possible sober tools, though there are more, here’s #51.

#51. Find ONE person that you can be 100% honest with about your drinking, about your thinking, your worries, your struggles, your excitement, and your joy. That might be a counsellor, sober mentor, a coach, sponsor, or a sober friend. You should have at least ONE person who truly gets what it’s like to be you.