here’s a good idea for a mocktail

from my inbox:

Trarium:  “Still sober and grateful and a little sore. Moved rock for 8 hours straight, and spent most of yesterday getting seedlings into pots and a new raised bed we built last weekend. The sore muscles feel great! It was warm, almost 80 degrees here. I have to admit there was serious screaming for an ice cold beer (in my head) towards the end of both afternoons. I felt my feelings…. sad that I have already drank my allotment, probably my neighbors, and their neighbors so I’m done.

But then I made a new brew:  1/3 ginger ale, 1/3 blood orange dry soda and 1/3 sparkling water. Delish and refreshing!

I am savoring “Keeping the Wolf from the Door“. It is motivation, encouragement and a treat all in one!”