Podcasts? Now it’s your turn.

As you maybe know, i have a monthly podcast thing, where I send out 1-2 new audios per week to subscribers.

I’ve been debating having a sponsor for the podcasts, so that I can offer new episodes for free and put them on iTunes.

I contacted Mail Chimp to be the podcast sponsor. I’m in love with Mail Chimp. They are my email provider for TOTAD and they’re also the sponsors of very cool podcasts that I listen to (This American Life, Serial, Startup).

So I sent Mail Chimp an email last Tuesday and asked them for some ideas on being our sponsor. They gave me a ticket number.

But so far, no response either way.

Now it’s your turn.

Maybe Mail Chimp needs some evidence. Like, hearing from people who would like to have access to the podcasts. And why do you want to listen to these audios, and why should they be our sponsor?

If you leave a comment below, I’ll wait 24-48 hrs, then I’ll send Mail Chimp a follow-up email with a link to this blog post. I think we can petition them to say yes.

Leave a comment below: Do you want to have access to the Sober Podcasts for free on iTunes? Why do you want to hear them?

You can just post a comment that simply says “i want to hear them” if you don’t have anything creative to say.

but if you do write something longer or more thoughtful, I’ll mark one comment as my super sober comment of the day …