[Audio] My Chat with Janey Lee Grace from “Alcohol Free Life”

‚ÄčLast November when I was in London, Janey Lee Grace interviewed me for her 'not-yet-released' new podcast. Well now it's released ūüôā and I'm episode #13.

‚ÄčWe talk about ‚Äčsober coaching, what it's like to have a voice in your head that thinks that drinking is a good idea, and some tips on things that can help. 

‚ÄčThis podcast will also be sent out ‚Äčto podcast subscribers ‚Äč as episode 302.

You can listen to the complete audio here.‚Äč Our interview starts at about the 5 minute mark ...

‚ÄčSober Podcast 302. My Chat with ‚ÄčJaney Lee Grace 

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