It’s about time

It’s about time. I started saying this last year, i think the first time i said it was on a live call… It went sort of like this:

“you need to take better care of you. you need to be sober and to feel better. yes maybe we had crappy childhoods or crappy parents or crappy ex-husbands.  but now it’s time for you to do this. to take care of you.

and it’s about time.”

so then i had this great idea to make a bracelet that had ‘it’s about time’ on it. and i had a very specific idea for this bracelet, i wanted it to be blues and turquoise colours, and i was fascinated with glass beads.

and now it has finally all come together.

Here are the beads, aren’t they lovely?

beads IMG_7363

So each bracelet will have a different bead. And i’ve also finally sourced a nice leather bracelet.  Here are the specifications:

  • European Style Braided Leather Barrel Clasp Bracelet
  • Also compatible With All Major Charm Bracelets
  • 1/4″ *twisted* it’s about time* tags
  • Lampwork Beads – Each Bracelet Will Have A Different Color Bead.
  • regular size 7″
  • roomy size 8″

You measure your wrist and then add in a little extra for slack…


it's about time IMG_7658 it's about time IMG_7660

I have ordered only 10 of these. The glass beads are special and I only want to use beads that I really love.

If you’d like to order a bracelet, you can go here.



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