Fuck You Wolfie Lemonade

this is my go-to fancy drink to have when others are guzzling that junky booze stuff.  Me, i like fresh and homemade and a bit tart:

Fuck You Wolfie Lemonade Concentrate

In a saucepan, stir together 1.5 cups of granulated white sugar (300 g) and 1 cup water (230 g) [for fancier drinks, add a stick or two of fresh rosemary to this while boiling.]

Heat until the mixture boils and the sugar is dissolved. Let cool.

Meanwhile, juice 8 medium-sized lemons until you get 1.5 cups (340 g) juice. Strain the juice to remove pits and pulp.

Once the sugar syrup has cooled a bit, add the lemon juice, stir, leave the rosemary in, and then put in a container. You can freeze this (for 3-6 months) or store in the fridge for a week.

You now have about 3 cups concentrate.

When you’re ready for drinks, you add 50% concentrate with another liquid – regular water, carbonated soda water, bitter tonic water, or ginger ale.  I also put in a slash of cranberry juice.

It is dynamite, let me tell you.  I’ve served it in the ‘restaurant in my living room’ and the drinkers often like it better than the wine being served!

Marie (day 40) says: “I made the lemonade concentrate you gave me the recipe for and WOW!  That is amazing!  I may be stressed out, frustrated, a little depressed, and overwhelmed today, but I know that I have a yummy rosemary lemonade (made with seltzer water) waiting for me after my run tonight.  Thank you so much for that.”