New Years Day Audio

holy that was fun, just finished broadcasting a live audio for New Year’s Day.

In this audio I talk about intentionality, how we should ‘begin as we mean to continue’, life jackets, and cranberry sauce. 

and it looks like right around minute 34 i accidentally turned on the music – oh boy. how weird is that! ok, i need to get a microphone that i can monitor when i’m recording so that i can hear what you hear 🙂

the price is $0.99 (regular price for a one-hour audio is $14.95). you’ll get an email with a link to the audio. You can listen online, download the MP3 file, and/or the audio will arrive in the Gumroad app on your iphone.

happy new you 🙂


[two archived audios that might help, live call from New Year’s Day 2014 and from New Year’s Day 2015]


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