are you unique?

This is plenty strange. I’m preparing something for the press (fuck, let’s stop right there and gasp, shall we?) and i’m considering how to describe myself. like, what is it that makes me unique in this sober space.

It’s a weirdly navel-gazing exercise. and it makes me heaps of uncomfortable-like. Because we’re all unique. I’m not more unique than someone else. I’m a sober girl, who has found her sobriety insurance in the form of being a sober penpal. The rest, to me, is extra. Really. I’m not trying to be modest. i’m trying to be serious.

Anyway. here’s an exercise. you can help me and think about you at the same time.

In the comments, please write what you think is unique about me and this sober thing. You might say i’m a *good* writer and i’ll say that lots of people are good writers, that’s not unique. maybe i’m being difficult, or maybe i’m missing something obvious.

So after you write what you think is unique about me (holy), then in the same comment, write something that is unique about YOU. what special talent, or combination of talents, or attribute, or loveliness do you have that hardly anyone else has. It’s hard, right? I mean, it’s easier to do it about someone else than it is to do it about yourself.

if this gets strange, or seems self-serving, i’ll take the post down. if you come back later and this is missing, you’ll know why 🙂