what a crock of shit

from my inbox

Gina (day 5):

“This morning I kept thinking *I’m a highly functional drinker*. What a crock of shit.  Yes I was able to cook, help kids with homework, get them to school on time, and get to work on time and do my job. In fact, do my job so well I recently got a decent raise.  But I wasn’t functional, I was at best operating at 55-60%. My brain was always preoccupied with how much I drink.  I felt hungover a lot of the time, I had a headache, gut rot, bad taste in my mouth, constant IBS, my kids were so used to seeing me with a glass of wine in my hand, it was the norm not the special occasion exception. So yeah, if that’s considering highly functional I am so glad I decided to get off the train before it crashed.”


<begin rant>

It doesn’t matter how much you drink. It’s how it makes you feel. It doesn’t matter if we thought we were ‘functional’. It’s how much better we do without it. Go Go Keep Going. You’re doing fine. And ignore everyone who doesn’t think so 🙂

</end rant>