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Three Versions of the Book Available

Print book

  • Paperback, 192 pp, printed by Clays in London
  • Books mailed from Vermont; shipping takes 5-14 days to arrive
  • Price $19.22 + shipping = $22.25 USD
  • BONUS:Will be signed by me using my favourite turquoise pen

e-Book (PDF/Kindle)

  • Receive your files right away.
  • BONUS: Includes extra content that I couldn’t fit into the print edition because of length: Recipe for Banana Bread, recipe for Tiramisu (made without alcohol). And the divine recipe for Fuck You Wolfie Lemonade.

Audio book

  • Receive your files right away
  • Read by me (not abridged, the whole thing, 6 hrs long)
  • BONUS: Some unique content in the audio that is NOT in print or electronic versions. Sometimes when recording the book text, I’d have a new idea or an aside, and so I shared those too. Includes embedded One Minute Message audios, as well as a bonus full-length podcast episode.


Full-meal-deal that includes all three versions (print, e-book, audio)
Total Value = $74.23 USD

all prices USD

and the readers say ...

Indian Lake (day 483): "Superb, profoundly superb my friend. I want to give you the biggest hug imaginable ... Can't wait to tell my friends and colleagues about the book, hopefully increase your sales a bit. So many people will love it, I know it. Let me know how things progress, it is a gigantic undertaking and you have nailed it! Huzzah, huzzah, huzzah! ... The book really is wonderful. Think about how many people you have helped and will help, jesus woman, you may be up for sainthood!"

Pam (day 992): "I just finished!!! I LOVED it. What an AMAZING accomplishment! I am sure your book is going to be a HUGE success! It was great to read as a refresher and to reinforce continued sobriety, even almost 3 years out (cause Wolfie still pokes his head up every now and then)."

Fern (day 133): "I love it! You have done an amazing job of writing a book that is not all about the why, or the sad drinking story, or the depressing life, but a book that is full of promise and action steps and coping strategies, and it is not long and full of mind-numbing facts or crap to just fill up space. Your approach with the blog, the challenge, the sober jumpstart class, the podcasts, is one of a kind.  I do not have a lot of experience with sober websites or supports but from what I have seen, from my years of lurking - Booze Free Brigade, SMART Recovery, The Bubble Hour, many books and other blogs -- no one has compiled all these various supports in one place."

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