tired of thinking about drinking:

​sober link​s

Podcast Bundle

  • ​4 full-length podcasts + 1 OMM > link here


  • I Have Potential bracelet, complete with super powers. Sterling silver. Durable. Very shiny. The outside is textured/hammered, and each letter individually hand-stamped. Just for you. MindfulMe: "I have potential because I am sober."
  • Link here

​beginning audios

  • ​5 audios and a bonus. I talk about getting started, how to THINK about this idea of quitting drinking, advice on tools and supports, advice on how to get ready to begin. If booze is an elevator that only goes down, it's time to find the exit.
    Exit → Exist.
  • Link here


  • My book, Tired of Thinking About Drinking: Try My 100-Day Sober Challenge, available in paperback, e-book (Kindle), or audiobook > link here

​sober art

  • ​Sober Art: A tangible, visual reminder that booze is an elevator that only goes down. Original EXIT paintings, thanks to Mr.Belle > link here

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