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"You Maybe Don't Want To Quit Drinking ...
​But You DO Want to Feel Better!"

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You say: "I don’t want to  quit drinking​. I just want to feel better..."

Well, nobody wants to quit drinking. No kidding.

Our head sells us this fantastic vision that life *requires* alcohol. You know, sitting on the patio requires alcohol. And vacations. Even future vacations. Like that trip to Italy you want to do in 2020…

Our head tells us that we need to drink. But in selling us this fantasy story, our head leaves out some of the important details. Like hangovers. Spending too much money. Saying dumb things. Waking up in the wrong place.




​But you and i both know the truth, right? You’ve tried drinking. You’ve tried moderating.

You’ve tried drinking ‘only on weekends’ or ‘only on special occasions’. If you’re like I was, ​you plan to quit drinking in the morning and then are drinking again by 6 pm.

That was me. It really was. For years.

I didn’t want to quit drinking. I just wanted to feel better, and I had no idea what I didn’t know. Like, why can’t I moderate? Maybe I need to try harder. Why isn’t this working?

Here’s what I know now.

I am 6+ years sober, and I’ve worked one-on-one with 2,999 ​people who want to feel better by removing the alcohol, I’ve discovered there are three pillars of things you need to know:

Pillar #1

You need to be plugged into some kind of support. That could be an AA meeting, but there are online supports too. ​:) ​

We need this because we need to know that we’re not alone. that other people know about this voice we have in our head that says ‘drink now’.

​Pillar #2

You need treats and rewards to help with the ‘but i deserve this’ thinking. This is a simple and enormously helpful strategy but it’s often done incorrectly, I explain how to do this.

Pillar #3

Maintenance. This sounds boring, right? But if you’ve worked hard to get the voice in your head to stop, you’re enjoying your life without booze, and you’re feeling better, then you want to know how to maintain this. How to put gas in your sober car.

So if you’d like to figure out how to get some gas in your sober car, I have a new option for you.

I work one-on-one with people from all over the world. coaching, emailing, calls, audios. ​

What I’ve started to do, just recently, is I have ​created an audio-only version of the coaching class.

I’ve put the most important concepts into 7 audios that you’ll receive one a day for 7 days. These are the exact same audios that the private coaching students receive.

And for you it could be a way of getting started, of hearing the audios, learning the things you need to be successful.

The cost for this audio-only, 7 lesson package?

it’s $145 USD (that’s about £112 depending on the daily fluctuations).

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I ​have to LIMIT ​the number of people who do this audio-only version, ​which maybe sounds strange since it’s a digital course.

But often once people start this audio-only version, they want to upgrade to the full one-on-one coaching support right away, so I have to watch the numbers as my coaching time is nearly fully booked.

​If you’re like me, I spent a long (very very long) time trying to figure this stuff out on my own before I asked for any kind of help.

So if you’ve been a bit too embarrassed maybe, or shy, or you’ve really wanted help but you want to be anonymous, then this might be for you.

Anyway check it out by clicking the green button below.

And i’ll talk to you again soon.

​hugs, belle xo

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