The 'Relapse' Booklet is READY!

I've written a 6-part email series about how to avoid Relapse. First we have to figure out what relapse 'means', and then we can add on additional tools, supports & accountability to help you to get going and keep going.

The booklet is now available on my site:

Print version > link ($10 and I'll send it to you by mail from Vermont)
PDF version > link ($1.99)
Audio version > link ($9.99)

And it's available on Amazon Kindle:

US > link
UK > link
France > link  
Germany > link
Canada > link
Australia > link

P.S. You can always go to Amazon and search for 'relapse drinking' or search for the product code B089P2XZRS and the kindle file will come up.

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sober art thanks to mr.belle
This is painting #694 here
s'elever = to rise up, to lift yourself up. like an elevator.