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These original artworks are a permanent, tangible, daily reminder of your commitment to staying sober. A bit like a striking, visual version of an email from Belle for your home. An inspirational nudge. Hang your painting somewhere you’ll notice it each time you walk by, reminding you of your WHY.” ~ Erin (day 1095)

873 > STAY;

143 > Little Chick

871 > We can do hard things

Are you on the journey of sobriety - struggling to get traction or chugging along confidently? What if you had a piece of art by a sober artist - maybe with a word - something tangible that you could see at random moments just when you need it. It reminds you of why you want to be sober, what you are protecting, how life is so much better, and that you are worth it. Take a look. I bet there is something here just for you!” ~ BeHereSober (day 710)


these paintings have been sold

{sold North Carolina}

{sold England}

{sold England}

{sold Washington}

{sold Texas}

{sold Virginia}

{sold Washington}

{sold England}

{sold Massachusetts}

{sold New Mexico}

{sold Louisianna}

{sold California}

{sold England}

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