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​You want to receive ​these little One Minute Message ​cards in the mail?

I ​have two ​options for you!

Option 1. ​

I can send you all of the Season 1 ​cards from June to December 2018 (all at once, one big envelope = 12 cards + 6 secret photos).  

No waiting, they'll come to you right away.

Option ​2. Season 2

You can join in with Season 2 starting next month. 

This means that in your FIRST envelope, you'll get cards for months 1 + 2 at once, but from then on, ​you'll get something new each month until June 2019.

from my inbox:

AEB: "Because everyone gets the mail every day. And rarely is there an item both fun and contributing to one’s own personal goals. And no one needs to swap out otherwise valuable crime podcast time, or time or playing with kids and talking with partners to enjoy the cards. We can simply request and trust that the greatest government institution known to man will deliver this priceless nugget of gold — with a beautiful French stamp. Art. Anticipation. Reward."

Yoda (day 1149): "There is something about acquiring something tangible that can be accessed without any electronic intervention, or any need to go to the other room or explain why you’re putting your headphones on, just some small nearly invisible talisman that keeps you tied to your own hope perhaps? My bracelet arrived the day after I came back from crazy beach vacation. Usually I get the mail, today Mr. Yoda did. He yelled up the stairs 'hey, who is Belle Robertson from France?' Since he knows little to nothing about you and I happened to be awake enough to think quickly I yelled back 'the lady I get my bracelets from.' He said 'well, she loves you.' Guess he read your note on the back."

Pilates Queen: "I think we like concrete yet discreet reminders for why we are choosing a nondrinking lifestyle.  And..I think most of us hear your voice when we read communications from you."

Leener (day 316): "Once a month now, whether or not i am expecting it, the universe (or Belle) will reach out and remind me in a tangible way that sobriety is good, and that the sober universe is rooting for me. like the other day, my "i have potential" bracelet arrived. i knew it was coming. i ordered it online. you sent me an email letting me know it was in the mail. and yet, still, when i saw it in my mailbox i was not expecting it, and my immediate first thought was, oh god, i needed this right now. i didn't even open the package right away. i didn't "need" the bracelet. i needed the physical reminder that my [secret] sobriety is not all just in my head, an uphill climb for me to do in isolation."

from my inbox:

S: “A while ago I remember you sending an email with the script of one of you OMMs and at the time, I was going to copy it/write it out on card and put it somewhere private where I could just read it but equally you could put it on the fridge door - it doesn’t matter, it’s another tool and amazingly effective!!!! There are many things I like about you/your approach but two stick in my mind (and I think about this in my teaching). You don’t blame people for their issue with drinking, i.e. you don’t see it as their weakness. And the other thing is that you have such respect for us and our judgements about what will or will not work - so if something you are doing isn’t helping people, then you change it. I think we need much more of that in teaching, amongst teachers, to be honest!! I loved the idea of the cards ... it’s been 928 days for me and I know that your involvement in that has been significantly high!!"

L: ”Hi Belle - I love the small cards and the idea that I won’t know when they are coming. I once signed up for your sober newsletter(?) and you sent a bag of tea with it. I cherished the tea and the newsletter. In all my life, no one had ever sent me a tea bag in a letter in the mail. And once I cut out drinking, I found I love tea!  This year I sent tea bags in Mother’s Day cards to all the moms I know from a mom’s group I help lead. Everyone loved that I took the time to do it and that it was unsuspected. Maybe that’s why we all want to receive the cards? Mysteries, yes!..."

H: “I was all oh it’s day 350 on Friday, you don’t need this, but, but, the cards sound so delightful and if I’m honest I’ve been pushing myself a bit hard recently... so something that enchants me and reminds me to self care can only be good, right? Every night I take off my bracelet and place it on a high shelf by the bathroom mirror with the bracelet angled so the first and last words of the day I read are ‘stay here’.”

KeysKathy (day 50): “About the cards—I bought them too. I recognize they come from podcasts, probably ones that I have downloaded. But in this "I need a quick fix " impatient world we live in, they are like a "shot" for sobriety. I had earlier photocopied a page from your book (the page about "Why be sober") so I could reference it quickly. Cards are the same: they can be bookmarks, taped to mirror, put discretely in my wallet, etc. My thoughts.”
Kay (day 268): “I was delighted watching how popular your wallet cards have proved to be. It’s a fantastic idea. Low effort and high impact for the user; carrying about a slice of Belle wisdom. Brilliant! I hope it’s delighted you too.”
K: “Perhaps it's because it will come at an unexpected time. That's quite motivational. It could come on a day when you're feeling good and strong, and if so, then it'll lift you up. It could come on a day when you're really struggling, in which case it might make all the difference. Podcasts etc may be always available on a website, but whether you use it at the time you need it relies on how strong you're feeling. Often when you're feeling at your worst you don't want to go looking for things to pull you back from the edge; you don't have the energy. At those times, something coming to you that you don't have to seek out is invaluable. And then you can keep them in your wallet.”

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