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tired of thinking about drinking?

Anonymous Support to Quit Drinking

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why be sober anyway?

  • you want to feel better
  • you've tried to quit drinking before without enough support and have been unsuccessful
  • you've already tried to moderate
  • you want to spend less dumb money
  • you want to consume fewer dumb calories
  • you want to not have to search your sent messages for disasters
  • you want to wake up feeling PROUD of yourself

​no bullshit.

  • this is belle speaking. ​85% of what i do is free (free daily emails once you 'click here', live radio, audios, all sorts of things you'll learn about once you 'click here'. have you done it yet?).
  • if you're not ready to quit drinking, and think that you 'need' alcohol for a ​happy life, then welcome. your head is lying to you. you'll learn more about that soon by reading the daily emails. did you 'click here' yet?
  • i'm 8.5 years sober. i started this blog to document my own sober 'journey' and then somehow i've arrived here. i'm not a magical marketer with airbrushed photos of my glamorousness. ​i write sober stuff and record sober audios and do live sober radio and have emailed thousands of sober penpals over the years.
  • this sober thing? it's worth doing. which you know already. that's why you're here.

anonymous . private . portable support

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