sober podcast subscription

podcast subscription

You'll get 1-2 new audios per week. Brand new. On subjects like “what is prelapse and how can you avoid it” and “what your therapist can’t tell you.”

I’ve set it up so that it’s low-risk and safe and easy. 

The subscription is controlled by you (which means you can turn it off whenever you like). 

An audio will arrive as soon as you sign up.

And then after, you'll get 1-2 new episodes a week.

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hugs, belle xo

Things to Know: 

The podcast subscription is $15/month (USD). You can cancel at any time. 

The podcast subscription gives you 1-2 new audios per week, new content, as it is recorded, for as long as you are a subscriber.

To invest in podcasts that were released BEFORE you became a subscriber, you can find them here (singly or in bundles).

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