The 'Husband' Booklet is READY!


I've written a 6-part mini-course about your husband (or your partner, your wife, or your best friend). I often hear from penpals that they have challenges when they're sober and their partner isn't. In this mini-course, I talk about sex, having your own transportation, what your partner's wolfie voice sounds like, how to exercise empathy, and other things you need to know to navigate being a sober person in a relationship with a drinker. 

1. How to quit drinking when your husband still drinks (I know, Part 1 has the same title as the booklet!)
2. You don’t need your husband to do the same things as you.
3. “Why won’t my husband support me?”
4. “Instructions on how NOT to be an ass while I’m learning to be sober.”
5. “My husband really needs to quit drinking, what can I do?”
6. Sex, Vacations, Parties ... and Complaining

The booklet is now available on my site:

Print version > link ($10 and I'll send it to you by mail from France)
PDF version > link ($2)
Audio version > link ($9.99)

And it's available on Amazon Kindle:

US > link
UK > link
France > link
Germany > link
Canada > link
Australia > link

P.S. You can always go to Amazon and search for 'husband belle robertson' or search for the product code B07ZP3FKWW and the kindle file will come up.

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