Get guidance, support and advice from a sober coach. It’s time to make a change …

Hi, I’m Belle Robertson. I'm 8 years sober (I know, right? Who does that?).

I’ve worked one-on-one to help 3,302 people improve their lives with a sober trial, by providing a combination of wit, common-sense, empathy, and hand-holding.

I can help you too. Click the button below to download a free, complete PDF of my book. Usually sells for $22.25 US (which is about £16). 

You can get your free copy now, until Sunday—so you might as well go ahead and click on the big red button now :)

  • Learn what to expect, how to socialize, what to tell people...
  • A complete list of 60 sober tips & tools to help you be sober

Some of the good bits from the book:

page 4: Poor concentration, missed deadlines, an inability to take advantage of new opportunities, procrastination, crappy sleep, many days of feeling ill. (It's OK to stop drinking.)

page 53: Drinking is a way of hiding from who you really are.

page 139: Doesn’t matter if you don't want to quit forever. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know why you drink.

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