Audio: Sober Summer

May 29, 2018.

​This is an archived podcast #249: Sober Summer.

Flyaway asked for a personalized audio about how to deal with being sober in the summer. So my answer? The first time you do anything is weird. The first sober sex, the first sober summer … and more.

She sent me this after she heard my reply:

“Hi Belle! Yep, I needed that message, all of it. You looked at all the angles and I needed all of it. I was already feeling better before I made this audio request, it was your contest that prompted me to ask. You had people send in questions and email # (whatever) would win. I thought ‘I don’t have any questions’ and then that day this popped into my head, and I thought there might be a question in here. I had to be prompted to send that email though, you really are a sober genius. Thanx Belle, Flyaway.”

​I have posted below the full audio for you and i’ll leave it up for 24 hrs.

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Question: Have you done a sober summer before? Is there anything in this audio that might be helpful for you when it’s summer where you are next?


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