Female, 53 years old. Currently living in Europe. The day I started this blog, my day 9, I wrote: “I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head.  I’m tired of thinking about drinking.”

I started this blog to document my own sober journey. I was desperate for information and for support. Here it is now over 7.5 years later. I’ve been individual sober penpals with 3,118 people (and counting). I spend a couple of hours a day emailing newly sober people through the 100 day challenge (see below).

My model in doing this is 80% of what I do is completely free content – daily sober emails, one minute audio messages, the stuff I write for the blog, even the newsletters I send out in the mail. All free. And 20% are paid bits – like the Sober Jumpstart class, sober jewelry, calls with me, the weekly podcast subscription for longer audios. More info on the Sober Store page.

You can read more about the 100 day challenge here > http://tiredofthinkingaboutdrinking.com/2013/03/14/100-day-challenge/

And you can reach me by email… tiredofdrinking at gmail.com …

all best, belle xo

  • Wanted to comment on your „no“duck ponderings about husbands. F***kng awesome. I love your work and commitment, albeit still on the fence. And, yes, it‘s all the shit excuses in my head. Will get there and thanks for being you! I dont get to read or listen to all that you send. Overwhelm is my excuse. Thank you Belle. Hugs from Switzerland.

  • Trish – Day 1 March 4th 2018, have tried and failed so many times before I’ve now lost count, but hoping this will be day 1 of 100….

  • Day 5 today for me and it feels like I am on a roller coaster! One minute I feel totally elated and then suddenly ‘Wolfie’ rears his head going ‘your happy how about a glass of wine! For a split second I think ‘that sounds like a nice idea’. Then I think of all I have read and the support from Belle in the last few days and no way do I want to do ‘Day 1 again!!

    Good luck to everyone whether you are on Day 1 or 1001, we can all make it with the help of Belle’s site and support.

  • Day 4 of not drinking alcohol or using Marijuana and reading your month 1 is already helping SO much. Thank you. Makes it a little easier knowing I’m not alone.

  • Day 100 for me! I’ve just celebrated with a bowl of banana custard. Your emails were inspirational and helped me through the tricky early weeks, when not drinking seemed so weird.. now it is normal and i’m not going back. I’ve told all my close friends that i’m not drinking at the moment and only a few felt they had to try and persuade me otherwise. My skin is good too and i’ve knocked a few minutes off my 5k jog time, but best of all is that I don’t have to avoid my husbands eyes after a big night out. I am enough!

  • Just hit my 100 day sober today. I didn’t sign up for the challenge because I didn’t know if I could do it or not. Wolfie is getting quieter. I am getting tired of all social events revolving around drinking. Then, I realize it’s not my friends fault – it’s how it’s been for years. I am the one who has changed. I’m sick of drinking. Sick of not doing anything BUT drinking for entertainment. I just don’t love you anymore Wolfie. I’m seeing other people and they are interesting and unboring and blissfully not LOUD. They don’t repeat their last thought eleventy billion times.