anonymous forgiveness

FOR ONE DAY ONLY, i created an Anonymous Forgiveness space.

the blog is closed to NEW posts …

this forgiveness post it is OPEN FOR YOU TO COMMENT on someone else’s post, and offer some words of soothing, encouragement, relief, empathy, or just ‘i hear you’ …

Can you find a comment that does NOT yet have a reply, and add a reply?

i’d like each comment to have at least one reply.

it feels pretty amazing to offer support.

PS. if your name/email automatically shows up when you start to enter a comment, I will edit it out before I approve the comments. 


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I forgive you for using our sons death as an excuse to continue drinking. I forgive you for not only drinking in front of our grandchildren but planning outings with them where easy access to alcohol was an important part of where and what we would do with them. I forgive you for drinking on our grandsons dream location graduation trip to point of blackout so he had to carefully walk you back to the hotel – multiple times. I forgive you for puking at the museum during a family outing while blaming it on car sickness. They knew better and so did we. I forgive you for all the forgotten conversations with and denials made to our husband. I forgive you and I’m proud of where we are today. We will never go back.

  • I am reading this on my second so we day. It is very hard to forgive myself.theres so much pain when I think of the relapse that I had after 10 sober years. I want to forgive myself for causing so much pain to my parents and sister, for not making my child be enough to not drink. I am desperate, scared but I will try to forgive myself because of my son. He is my world

  • I forgive you for being the one no one could trust, for showing the worst side of you. You’ve come a long way.

    • I forgive you too! You HAVE come a long way and now you’re showing your best side and it’s never too late to shine your light. So YAY you!

  • I forgive you for using alcohol as a numbing agent just because you wanted people to like you, be attracted to you, to love you-when all along you were a lovely person, broken but lovely ( and beautiful). I also forgive you for walking the kids ( age7 and 8 and their 2 friends sleeping over ) to the liquor store at 8:30pm , in the dark- only to get more wine and covered that up by promising the kids they could get an ice cream treat at the liquor store. 🙁

  • I forgive you for being drunk through your Dad’s final months of terminal illness. For missing the connection when he looked you straight in the eyes and begged you to “be good”. For causing Mom so much worry as she dealt with losing her husband of 40 years.
    I forgive you for never experiencing the joy of having children because it was too late by the time you were able to keep a solid relationship going. These things hurt you to the core. 4.5 years sober and committed to being present in the final decades of my life.

    • It sounds like a parallel life between us. Thank you for bringing up not having children. It has hurt my heart for decades. I too to am committed to living my last years on this earth and do all the good that I can. And to continue to heal myself. Thank you for posting this. I do not feel alone anymore. 3 years sober. Much love and light. ❤️

      • I “accidentally” heard this yesterday and wanted to tell you too:

        You were put on this planet to make a difference. Children or no children, you can make a big difference in people’s lives by listening to them and caring. So many people are wrapped up in themselves and don’t listen. Let’s not be those people and be there for someone.

        Not having children gives us the opportunity to be a friend to someone we couldn’t if we are too wrapped up.

    • So much pain I hear… so tough to stop drinking when in pain but you’ve done it and you’re present. I hope you can feel proud of yourself for getting to this point – sounds like life has been tough … 💜

    • I forgive you too, you precious darling. Dark days indeed. I’m so delighted for your shining sobriety. A beacon to us all.