#100DaySoberChallenge Day 12 – Continuous Days

i wanted to create this check-in space for today. the goal for the #100DaySoberChallenge is continuous days sober. in the comments, you can say how many continuous days you’ve had so far since January 1st. Maybe you’ve had 3 days continuously sober, or 8, or you’re working on today as the 12th continuous day?

In order to create a safe space here, i’ll make some general recommendations that you can think about before you post:

  • Enter your continuous days sober since january 1st (NOT your total days if you’ve been sober longer). this helps to create a more inclusive environment when we have a smaller focus on just january up to now.
  • Make an effort to use positive (or neutral) language. You can say “I’ve had 6 continuous days in January” versus “I’m on day 5 again.” I’ll edit out the word ‘again’ if you post that (!)
  • Leave out mentions of specific kinds of alcohol, types, brands, and colours. if you mention that you miss booze, that’s fine. if you say ‘i miss a clear glass of blah blah’ i’ll very kindly remove the entire comment.
  • Start a new comment and talk about YOU, rather than commenting on other person’s share. When we read about other people we feel less alone; it helps more than “you got this” from a stranger. and often when we comment on each other’s posts, someone is left out, some comments get more likes, etc.
  • Put in a screen name when it asks for your ‘name’ and just a reminder that email addresses are NOT displayed (EVER). i also approve every comment before it is posted 🙂

ok, i’ll start …


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I am 9 days continuous sober – Helen in Australia. I am wanting to be alcohol free for life. Steady drinker over the past 40 years & just sick of drinking & needing to take care of my (now fatty & very overworked) liver. I don’t have any withdrawal symptoms or cravings so far & I’m looking forward to an AF life – but I’m finding myself very angry – sort of like I’ve got no filter. Full of rage – Doesn’t help that 2 people close in my life have said hurtful things to me in past couple of days (including Husband whom I thought would be more supportive – he’s not a drinker much at all). Wanting to participate and be accountable.

  • I am 16 days sober. I feel so much more stable! And weirdly, I am looking up more (trees, birds, the sky). Granted there’s been a lot of fog but still seems like a positive. 🙂

  • Meant to make this post on the 12th when I received the email but I’ve been fighting illness all week with a culmination of a bronchitis diagnosis yesterday so I saw the email today again and just wanted to put 14 consecutive days sober in January

  • 3 continuous days sober here. I don’t miss booze, I HATE how it’s making me feel more than ever right now (I’m detoxing at home with medications and have all the side effects in me, horribly).
    Very hard binge drinker (full bottle of whiskey in on day continuously) for 13 years (and I am a 35 year old working female). Years reading this blog, now finally sticking to it and participating.

  • 14 continuous days sober. It feels SO good to wake up without a hang over. I’m focusing on all the positives and I am missing out on absolutely nothing by being AF.

  • 13 continuous days in January. Actually started 3rd Dec and thoroughly enjoyed a sober Christmas and New Year’s Eve 🎉

  • Today marks 13 continuous sober days in 2023. I started my 100 days mid-2022 and just kept going. (I’m equally shocked and delighted.) This “new” life is the absolute best thing I’ve ever done for myself! My word for the year is Freedom. Please know that you can do this, too. Sending love and light to you all!

  • I have been planning on eliminating alcohol from my life starting 2023 for a few months so when 2023 arrived I knew it was not an option anymore. This is my day 13 and I am so proud of myself!

  • 13 days continuously sober in 2023. What’s been most helpful for me is the permission to do less – and to know that this is not me being lazy but rather me taking care of myself in this important journey. Sober treats, replacement drinks, reading the daily emails, listening to the audios, and engaging in opportunities like this is enormously helpful. I feel part of a community rather than trying to tackle this myself, again…. Thank you Belle!

  • I’m 13 days sober today. I’m very aware that my sobriety is like that little chick you talk of Belle which I have to protect. Just taking it one day at a time 🙏

  • 12 days continuously sober in 2023. Thank goodness for apple cinnamon tea, pajamas at 5pm, lots of chocolate and treats, new scenic routes to drive home, tons of quit lit, and most of all self compassion and self care….in the early days it helped so much to tell myself it’s just like having a flu…treat myself like I’d treat my sick child…no going out in the world, stay in bed, drink tea, rest, eat nourishing food (even if it’s an apple or banana…or take out…or a bowl of soup…nothing fancy…I was like “screw cooking” for at least the first month)…and patiently allowed myself time to heal. I said no to many things, people, tasks…and I still do after two years. I put sobriety at the top of my list…my most important task of the day…has to come first, everyday. Wishing everyone here peace and love…love yourself the most!! YOU deserve this xoxo

  • I’ve had 9 days continuously sober since Jan 3rd, feeling better by the day and loving my no hangover mornings! I’m focusing on what I get and not thinking ahead.

  • I am 12 days continuously sober for 2023. I kicked off my sobriety in 2022. I am proud of my efforts. Belle is so right. Pride in oneself is to be cherished.

  • I have been continuously sober since January 1, 2023. Today is 12 days. When I feel aggravated or testy or frustrated or sad as 5 pm rolls around, I remember that Belle says even a crap day sober is better than the alternative. I also remember when she said this:
    Is it incrementally better? Yes…What are the choices? Devolve or evolve, those are the choices, because there’s no standing still.