#100daysoberchallenge – Day 2 – Nice to see you :)

just thought i’d open up this space where we can introduce ourselves. the goal for the #100daysoberchallenge is continuous days sober. you can say what day you’re on today, and later i’ll do another post and you can report in your continuous days so far.

you can put in a screen name when it asks for your ‘name’. and email addresses are NOT displayed (EVER). i also approve every comment before it is posted 🙂

you can say who you are, what day you’re on, and WHY you’re doing the #100daysboerchallenge

ok, i’ll start …


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Day 1. I’ve done this too many times. Did 106 days with you 3 years ago. Now to do it finally. Lots of support key I know. Hello again

  • Hi- just joined this challenge and am on day 2. I have been struggling for years wanting to be alcohol free. I made it to 22 months a few years ago and then thought I could manage it- HAHA! I want to look in the mirror and see clarity and health looking back at me. I am excited to begin this journey with all of you!

  • Day 3 (I had a Day 1 on Jan 1 but buckled until 2 days ago. I’m more determined now.) It was a bit more difficult last night. It really helps to keep reading sober self-help books. Keeps the goal front and center. We made several juices yesterday and I mixed Ginger/Turmeric with fresh squeezed Orange, Lime, & Perrier to give me an alternate drink. My wife is supposed to have her Day 1 today. I’m resolved to take care of myself if she can’t or won’t keep it up. Hopefully I can be a positive role model.

  • Hi, my name is Michelle. I am 3 days sober. I want to feel good be proud of myself and set a good example to my family of what a 50 year old mom/wife suffering compound grief can do when she puts her mind and faith to work.

    • I hear you, Michelle! I am 54 and have been struggling with my drinking almost my whole adult life. I hate the way my daughters look at me with disappointed eyes when I’m drinking. My relationship with them is so different when I’m sober. I find reading sober literature has helped me in the past. We can do this!😊

  • Day 1 was on Jan 1 and it didn’t hold. I have not been able to go more than a day since. Last night felt different. I had done lots of sober reading and was raring to stop the madness! The wife drank, but I did not. She says her last night is tonight. I planned on a sober drink of pineapple, pomegranate, lime, & sparkling water and a bath. Did that. It was nice. No cravings, no desire to slip into the bottle. Had to ignore the wife’s drunken crying and complaining and that was the hard part. I slipped into another room and finished “The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober,” and started re-reading Belle’s book. I feel stronger about this than ever. This is Day 2 and I’m all in!

  • Hi, I’m Shanna. I’ve attempted Dry January in the past and never made it through the whole month. This time feels different. I’m reading books and blogs and following inspirational people on social media. I’m forming new healthy habits and loving the feeling of being present in my own body. My sleep is better. I am thinking long-term rather than white-knuckling through a temporary timeline. Today is Day 11. 🙂

  • Hello! I’m Erin, day 375. Getting the first 100 days under my belt was such a huge help, and I’ll take all the help I can get. 🙂

  • Hi, my name is Robbin, I want to be healthy and live long. I want my husband & children proud of me. I want to be proud of me.

  • 8 days sober for me (so far!) in dry january. 434 total sober days to date!!!

    staying sober sexy one day at a time. xoxo, sunny

  • Hi hello! Day 7 over here 🙂 Planning on doing 100 days for sure but hoping to keep to permanent sobriety from here on out.

  • Hi, I’m Meinir and I’m 8 days sober. I’m doing this because I’ve been going around in drinking/not drinking circles for so long and I desperately want to stop!

  • Day 6 for me! I am 38 years old with 2 kids (age 3 & 4) and succeeded in Dry January in 2022. I felt amazing & then attempted to moderate. I only had 10 more sober days in 2022 (all within Feb & March). I am here because I want to feel better, act better, look better and have control of my sleep & workouts without centering everything around alcohol. Start of attempt #2 was MUCH easier than last time! One piece of advice I received that has helped a lot is a craving does not usually last longer than 6 minutes so once it happens just wait it out & it will pass!

    • Fairly similar to you – I did all of January and February 2021 sober, then did a pretty good job moderating through March… but then totally fell off and have had very few stretches of sobriety lasting more than 3-4 days since then. I am ready to recommit and not go back to drinking this time around!

  • I’m just happy to be here sober on day 6 of the challenge and 996 since my last drink. I’m doing this challenge to keep the momentum

  • Day 4 in the books. Wasn’t bad, stayed busy most of the day into the night. Looking forward to waking up without that headache.

  • Day 11 AF! Finishing up the day with a cup of tea and granola bar. Evenings are getting a little easier every day without the wine. ☕️

  • I hate hangovers. The older I get, the worse they get. They wreck me for 2 days, lead me to miss workouts, eat crappy, and feel bad about myself. It’s just not worth it anymore, but everything in this world is centered around drinking.

  • Day 5 for me. Listened to a blog, from Belle the other day and just want to start the New Year AF for once! This is my first time trying a challenge. Longest I have gone without was 2 months and that was 3 years ago. Sheesh!

  • Hello all,
    Day Five for me. It’s easy to count when you start on the first day of the year. Loved the email about treats today. This has been hard in the past (my to-do list nags me to “be productive” “get stuff done”) but today I’m treating myself to re-reading “Dubliners” by one of my favorite writers, James Joyce. The whole book of short stories is available for free online at the Project Gutenberg which has thousands of free books. There is also a Dubliners podcast. I love simultaneously listening to and reading each story (iPod + iPad) Such a treat for this former English major! May everyone enjoy their treats today.

  • Day 110… have done 100 days before, but this time feels very different. Managed to get through Christmas and New Year, which I haven’t managed before. Very proud of this achievement. Read Belle’s emails daily, they really help. I’m slowly sorting the triggers that made me turn to alcohol and it’s making me feel more in control and happier. My family also like me more 😊 Thank you Belle

  • Day 35 for me. Alcohol was slowly killing me, the pandemic made it worse. I decided to go back to school and strive for a significant career change and that’s been a major motivator. There was no way my chronically hungover body and brain would be able to handle school. I haven’t had 35 days in probably 20 years. Yay me!

  • Just lapped my second Christmas alcohol free and I’m still entertaining the idea that I can now drink in moderation.
    I can’t.
    Was touch and go – nearly picked up a drink but I made the choice to just go just one more day …

  • Day 4! Yes that’s an exclamation point. I choose to be excited everyday I claim as mine. My sleep is terrible, I’m really tired and very crabby, but I’m holding on. I’m not giving up anything I need . Just keep telling myself it will only get better. Onwards and upwards!

  • Hi there. I am on day 28. It’s not the first time I have wanted/tried to stop drinking. But it is the first time I feel like I am not alone – in the way that I feel and the challenges around quitting. It’s been so helpful to hear others’ stories and how similar mine is to these.

    What’s been most helpful is realizing that the voice that urges me to drink is not really ‘me’ and I love the story of the two wolves. Putting Wolfie in its place has been hugely helpful. Also, keeping things as low-key as possible has also been helpful.

    Days 6-8 were the hardest (so far) for me. I’ve gotten into a better routine now with sober treats and replacement drinks. I still feel up and down emotionally but staying focused on the present, and knowing that, no matter what, alcohol is not the answer for me and I want to stay sober has been hugely helpful.

  • Hello, day 3 for me. It’s 4:30 pm and I’m feeling the usual urge to “go out for dinner.” (i.e., drink heavily with a few chicken fingers thrown in). Won’t do it today, will take tomorrow when it comes.

  • Day 3 for me this go-round. I am the dreaded “moderator”. It worked so well 2021 and 2022 got totally out of control so now I’m in a place where I really am tired of always “thinking about drinking” so I’m going to commit to the 100 days for now and see where we go after that. I want so much just to be a “social” drinker, but I think that ship has sailed and it’s time to face the facts that it just doesn’t work for me anymore. Frankly, scared shitty about it.

  • Day 640(21 months). I am a 46 year old married Mom of 2. I am doing the 100 days challenge to keep myself accountable and to remember how hard the first few months sober were. It is important for me to remember that so Wolfie doesn’t try and convince me that I can now moderate. Been there rued that. Working with Belle and Elise was instrumental in getting to one year sober. I will be forever thankful for their continued support and tough love.

  • Glad to be here! I’m Tammy, 57 years old and on day 4! Last year I did Dry January and kept going until the beginning of march. I’m out to beat my record!

  • Day 4. If I can make it through the “end of the day” (whatever time that might be) trigger, not drinking is pretty easy for me. Sadly, that trigger is very strong. I think it was one of Belle’s blogs that said “Don’t you want to see what happens?”. I do want to see.

  • Day 2 today. I am 56 years old and tired of my life being centered around alcohol. I commit to the 100 days, no matter what. I have a lot of the “the what if ….” and “what about this” coming up….vacation in the Keys, mother being out in memory care, a wedding, and all of the things. I will not drink.

  • Day 1 today. Watching 28 Days with a strawberry lemonade seltzer and relaxing as much as I can because I know from my past attempts the withdrawals are coming for me in about 2 days.

    Some things that help me during the initial detox process that might help you too:
    – Spindrift Seltzers. They have the best flavors and bubbles mixed with a little bit of juice.
    -Valerian Root extract! I like the dropper liquid one to add to some juice or tea when I need to relax or to help me get tired so I can sleep. (Also helps to relieve period cramps too…bonus!)
    – Yogi Organic Stress Relief tea in the evening and/or Sleepy Time Extra tea.
    – Puzzles on the coffee table instead of a glass. Busy fingers.
    – Sour lollipops at night.
    – Downton Abbey binges…Lady Mary helps keep me classy through the mood changes lol.

  • 1983 Days Sober (I use NOMO app- one of my supports) and 4th or 5th time doing Belle’s #100 days sober challenge (another support). While Wolfie has gotten quieter in general over these past 5 years, he still rears his ugly head telling me that drinking on holidays, at holidays, for celebration, for commiseration, at someone or something, etc. is a good idea! Belle and lots of other sober folk help me to remember that drinking is never a good idea- it doesn’t make stuff better (the illusion!), only worse (the reality!). While I may at times rue, I do not regret giving up that addictive toxin! Thanks for being the lighthouse, Belle, I am forever grateful!

  • Today is day 103 without alcohol. I am still doing the things for the first time without alcohol, like a campfire…incredibly triggering (Fortunately, my sober daughter talked me into a sparkling water instead)! New Year’s Eve was hard (I’m pretty sure that was my first sober first night in 42 years). I signed up for Belle’s new 100-day challenge that night, for the extra motivation to keep going. Thank you, Belle!

  • Day 29 today. Approaching age 55 (how did that happen?) and tired of alcohol having so much control over me. Scheduling my days and weekends around when I can drink, where will I buy it, will it be enough, etc is getting exhausting. I’d like to think I KNOW I can’t moderate like a normal drinker and am afraid a small part of me thinks I can still get away with it.

  • Hi. Today is day 6 for me, started 2023 on day 3. I decided getting sober is more important than one last drink on NYE. I’ve had a bit of
    practice of giving up fir 30 days and 90 days. I can’t do moderation for long before Wolfe and habit get to me and im back to more more more. This time I’ll keep going past the 100 days.

  • Among many other reasons, my liver needs a break—permanently— from filtering out the toxins from alcohol. Time to get it together.

  • Like so many here, this isn’t my first attempt at 30, 90 or whatever number of days. I’ve done 90 and loved it, it genuinely changed my life. But then I tried moderation for quite a while and am now so bored of arguing with myself, justifying bad choices and trying to lie to myself that it’s OK and that I feel fine. I don’t feel fine and moderation doesn’t work for me. It does for a while, and then it doesn’t. So, back to abstinence. And I’m excited! Day 3. Good luck to you all!

  • This is day two for me! I have been sober curious for just over a year and came across Belle’s brilliant book after typing into google how tired I was thinking about drinking, never mind the actual drinking & exhausting hangovers. Having just listened to my first Sober Podcast, I think I am here to stay this time (only got to 41 days last year). I have set myself this goal as it’s its been a long time since I achieved anything I set out to to do, no doubt becuse of the alcohol and ultimately i want to see what i am capable off without booze in my life xx

  • Hi, I’m day 3. Have had two eleven month periods AF in 2020 and 2021 – 2022 a bad year. I’m wanting to go AF, not moderate. Hoping the 100 days will change my mindset. Good luck all. 🙂

  • Day 66, I tried to quit several times. I started reading Belle’s emails an literature and at some point I read something about go 60 days and see if you feel the same way you do today. At day 30 I decided to do 100, when I saw this 100 day challenge I figured I’d take on another 100. I feel great and I am loving getting to know myself without alcohol and not being numb.

  • I broke up with alcohol – for good, I very much hope – in early November and am now at 58 continuous days. I want to do this 100 day challenge to keep me motivated and feel that sense of belonging that I used to think I needed alcohol for

  • I was sober most of 2022, but if I’m being 100% honest, I’ve only had 71 days continuously sober twice during the whole year. I was sober all of January and February. “Moderated” again through March and April. I call my quit date May 4th, but in reality, I’ve been schnockered 4 times since then. (4th of July, October 19th, December 26th and December 31) Which admittedly is a better track record than the last 16 years. I used to get schnockered nearly every night, but on the weekends for sure. Every time. I’ve had one or 2 drinks a few times, and it obviously led me to believe getting wasted was an option again. I also drank NYE at home with my husband believing it was “fine” I am still not feeling 100% today! And I swear I wanted a drink so bad the day after just to feel “better”, but Thank God I knew in the end I would only feel much worse. I’ve had enough days and weeks and months continuously sober now, that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I am much happier sober. I am very grateful I haven’t “given up” on myself thinking I am a failure, because I do not want to go back to using alcohol as a crutch or a lifestyle. Period. This is day 3 and I am 100% committed to actually completing my 1st 100 days continuously sober challenge. (I’ve been signing up for these for like 10 years now)

  • Day 3, have never made it past day 25 of a month off. I hope this group makes it to 100. I cannot get past Friday at 5pm, week after week, something else is in control not me.

  • I’m John and I’m now on day 6. I’m fed up of relying on alcohol and want to break the bad habit that causes nothing but pain. I’m hoping group support and accountability will help need finally escape.

  • Hi everyone. I’m on day 1 today. I’ve managed a few stints of 2 or 3 months sober, felt great, but each time I’ve fallen back into the trap. I know I can do at least 100 days – and I hope this time I’ll have the momentum to carry on for longer. It’s my 40th birthday next month and some friends told me they have a surprise for me. I was worried as I hadn’t told them I was stopping drinking again – but apparently whatever we’re doing is booze free. A good omen 🙂