#100daysoberchallenge – Day 2 – Nice to see you :)

just thought i’d open up this space where we can introduce ourselves. the goal for the #100daysoberchallenge is continuous days sober. you can say what day you’re on today, and later i’ll do another post and you can report in your continuous days so far.

you can put in a screen name when it asks for your ‘name’. and email addresses are NOT displayed (EVER). i also approve every comment before it is posted 🙂

you can say who you are, what day you’re on, and WHY you’re doing the #100daysboerchallenge

ok, i’ll start …


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I am 14 days sober! This is the first time in my adult life I have gone two whole weeks without alcohol. My mom and partner are also taking a break and it has been so much support and help. I just ordered us all gratitude journals as we are all trying to make positive changes. I did a spa night with my kiddos last night and got 10.5 hours of solid sleep and woke up feeling so refreshed and energetic (unheard of with a hangover)no

  • Day 14

    Attended my first sober party last night. Stayed 3 hours and when I had enough I left. Noone pressured me to drink and when I said I was leaving noone said ‘boring’. They think I’m doing dry January not 100 day challenge/ possible sobriety so I thought that was good.

    I danced and felt good.

    Sunday is my hardest day as my brain is trained to thinking that’s my relax time.. candles on, wine, fav TV so, I’m doing things differently. Going to the cinema and for food 😋

  • Another day 1 not sure how many times I’ve been here. I know my problem is I try to it on my own so I need to put myself out there. Alcohol is robbing me of so much and I feel awful every day. Looking forward to feeling better each day

  • Day #10. I’ve done dry January the last two years and now I am aiming for an entire year without drinking. I am sick and tired of my bottle of wine a day habit. I felt like total crap all the time. And I was afraid it would get worse. Thank you all for being here.

  • Ginny – Day 9, I’m fairly surprised I made it this far, I suppose it isn’t far for those who aren’t a slave to their addictions, my husband isn’t a slave to alcohol, he has been a constant reminder that I am, always on constant alert to me opening a bottle and always asking me how much I’ve had. His attention to my choices has made it more difficult for me to make the choice to stop, his behavior brought out the stubborn in me. Each day’s success is really about me and not about him or how he feels about my choices. Just saying!

  • I’m starting DAY 1. This will be my 4th DAY 1 since August. I’ve ordered 4 more books about sobriety. Finishing The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober- great book. Also started with Annie Grace’s Naked MInd – also great book. I want to be clear headed, remember my evenings, be the best mom and wife, and feel physically and mentally healthier. I’m terrified to keep failing, but I’m more motivated to keep trying.

  • I want to make a pledge to make myself accountable otherwise I know I won’t do it. I want to live a different life. Date of last drink Sunday 9th January 2022.

  • Day 5 of sobriety. My first ever attempt and feeling good so far.

    Went out tonight for a meal. My partner drank wine and I drank water and drove. I’m so proud of myself. I just hope my motivation doesn’t wane.

    I’m have read and loved ‘The unexpected joy of being sober’ and am now starting ‘blackout’. I want to read ‘Tired of thinking about drinking’ next.

    Sending love to everyone put there doing their best ❤

  • I’m on continouos day 126 of being sober now and feeling relieved to be doing this. I’ve read the Tired of thinking about drinking book and it has been very helpful and supportive. I’m now reading it for a 2nd time to help keep me on track. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Day 6. The self-loathing voice in my head is quiet. I’m sitting on the couch for once and feel…aaaahhhhh. The feeling I’ve been drinking for.

  • Being sober is the best! I want to stay sober for the next 100 days to keep my recovery & sobriety in check, and approve my relationships

  • Hi I started the 100 day challenge on November 10, 2021 I am on day 57. Yesterday my man (who has stood by me the whole way) said “honey I am so proud of you, you are so beautiful and strong”. I started crying because I remembered all the mean things I said and did to him when I was drinking and he is still here helping me every day. It’s not easy but I look around now and see the beauty of life and I feel so good. I never want to go back to those demons that stole my joy and made me hurt the people I love. I loved your book Belle, it has given me strength and purpose. Thank you!!

  • Day 6

    I can’t remember going more than two weeks without alcohol in the last 10 years. Sometimes don’t like who I become when I’ve had a drink. The anxiety I wake up to wondering if I’ve been “that person” or just my usual jolly self? How much I think about drink, how I watch others not drinking as fast as me “who’s round is it” I wonder even before I’ve finished my first glass. Should I just buy two?? Fed up of it, I hope I can change, I feel determined but then I’ve not even done a week yet. 30, 60, 90, 100 then forever 🤞🏻

  • Day 5 – Starting with dry Jan – need to just feel better about all sorts of things – but major priority is to regain my self-respect.

  • I want to feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally. I’m tired of thinking about drinking! I need to improve my health too. Belle, you’re the best!

  • Great idea to begin before NYE, today is day 9 and feeling great. I’ve had many day 1’s but this feels different. I got to 32 days last Jan, determined to get to 100 this year with your help. So grateful for everything ❤️

  • I am on day 11. I have had many many day 1s. Last year I went 60 days without drinking. Then something triggered me and I gave in. I am committed to the long haul this time. I know I just need to push through those strong cravings.

  • Day 2

    Feeling motivated and excited to change.

    I have been drinking heavily (bottle of wine a night, plus more on nights out) for 15 plus years.

    I have health issues from drinking, and I want to live a happy life.. so my journey begins!

  • Another Day 3, i was feeling disappointed I’d relapsed but i’m so grateful to read all your stories. From Newbies on their first challenge to others who have yo yo’d like i have. Its a comfort to hear so much support for each other….a kind word can mean so much. 💕

  • I’m on day two today. I wanted to get sober in order to increase my chances of a successful frozen IVF transfer ( for second baby) but having read some ‘Quit Lit’ and listening to a few podcasts I’m contemplating if actually it should become a long term thing. I’ve definitely been anxious about my drinking for a while but found it hard to stop when my partner keeps drinking. We are both going to stop now so I’m hoping that will help things. Reading other people’s stories, understanding the health implications, the relationship issues drinking causes as well as how much I go over the weekly limit has shocked me. And I’d consider myself to be pretty normal among my friends.

  • Im 31 days sober today. I’m a binge drinker and find it ok to give up for a couple of weeks or a month but I really want long term sobriety as my biggest problem is I cannot drink safely and I never know where the booze will take me … but generally to a dark and ugly place.

  • Day 4 today. Did over 100 days last year, then slipped and struggled to get started again. Feel less agitated this time, adding on the tools and treats, and looking forward to feeling better x

  • I’m on day 10. It’s the longest I’ve gone since Covid began. Sometimes I look at the news and think “what does it matter if I drink? Everything is so screwed up!” I reckon that’s Wolfie nipping at my heels or is it? All I need to keep saying is “I’m not going to drink today.” Thank you to everyone for putting it “out there” on here. It really helps. And a massive thank you to Belle for giving us this space, thank you!

  • I’m on my 8th day sober! The last 2 days I’ve learnt to ski. I’m putting this out here so I have accountability!

  • Day 1. I relapsed yesterday, late afternoon, a little bored, getting ready to cook dinner, husband opens a bottle of wine and offers me a glass….. and yes then it was three glasses … disappointing myself hurts.

    • Anna, if you ask your husband kindly to not offer you alcohol, that’ll help. you’ll have to tell him what you’re doing. it’s time to feel better now. it’s ok to try new things, including making sure he knows to offer you cranberry and tonic every night at 6 pm on the dot. it’s also ok to NOT be making dinner in week 1 sober. you can have fish sticks and freezer fries for a week. no joke. stop all the things and just focus on being sober for now. trying to do ‘everything as normal’ doesn’t quite work … hugs

      • This was just what I needed to hear. And yes, I’ve avoided telling him I was REALLY committed to this, as I was trying to dodge the whole conversation about “why I need to stop”— because then I would have to admit just how much I drink (I’m ever so artful at hiding the extra glass ) and how big the problem has become in mind – and in my life. Okay, need to pull up my big girl pants and have this conversation. Thank you Belle

  • I am working on day 463 today and I am joining the challenge because travelling in a crowd is a particularly supportive tool in order to keep one’s little sober car on track 🚗💨💨💨 Thank you, dear Belle, for putting this up! Happy New Year & many blessings oxoxox 🙏🌸❤️

  • DD
    Day 3
    I am 70.
    I don’t drink a lot. Half a bottle mostly , 2 thirds tops.
    What I DO drink, I drink quickly. Main lining. Then I have my dinner and stop. At home.
    Not every day.
    I am an at home tippler. It would be hard to to convince anyone I know that I am an alcoholic. I have a chronic illness and ironically, I generally feel better after I drink. No hangovers but I know I am hooked. I crave it and it is compulsive.
    I do suffer secretly from anxiety – but am good at hiding that as well.
    When I was younger I used to get drunk without meaning to and drank more. Anything that I remember with shame is associated with occasions of drinking too much.
    I always new I was addictive . I have told friends in the past but there was no evidence. They didn’t take it seriously.
    My son knows. He thinks the secret part is the problem but of course thinks I can just stop.
    I have tried counselling , over and over.
    I suppose it doesn’t effect other people but I would love to beat this thing before I die.

  • This is my day one. Going back to work after the break is hard, hearing 24/7 about COVID is hard. The thought crossed my mind to pick up some wine on the way home but then I had the realisation it wasn’t actually going to make any of that better tomorrow…just worse.

  • Day 3… happy to start this sober journey again. I was sober Oct1, 2018 to Dec 23, 2019. It was hard but also super cool. I want to be that sober person again because of all the invisible benefits that appear.

  • Hello. I’m on day 33. I’ve had a few 30 day breaks in the last year or so. I’ve desperately wanted to moderate my drinking, but just as many report, it sucks. Not drinking at all is feeling better so far, and I feel less “mourning” of alcohol. I actually don’t like counting days, I just like to focus on how good I feel without alcohol. I do need to keep learning and reminding myself to “just keep swimming” so 100 days sounds exciting.