Audio: Can you make the euphoric feeling of early sobriety KEEP GOING?

When the newness of being newly sober WEARS OFF OVER TIME, then can gratitude help you feel better?

What is the difference between GRATITUDE and REFRAMING?

This is the subject of a brand new podcast (episode 449) going out today to podcast subscribers.

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Sober Podcast 449. Can you make the euphoric feeling of early sobriety keep going?

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I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I’m on day 3. I’m going out for a family dinner tomorrow. I always had some alcohol before at these I don’t want to do that. I’m a bit afraid but excited too. Silly I know.

  • Belle!! When you say “don’t be alone in your head” and “wolfie can be very convincing” my heart sank because you are so, so, so very spot on (as always!!). Wolfie is a bastard and will tell us ANYTHING to take us further away from being strong/in control and free. x

  • I’m very grateful for your thoughts on reframing.😄 Thank you so much for making this available. I’ve listened to it 3 times.

  • Wow this was amazing and I really needed this today as I’m back on day one and feeling deflated. I honestly thought you were talking directly only to me. I will listen to this over and over again. You are truly brilliant in how you see this addiction and are able to verbalise it. Thank you

  • Wow thankyou belle… on day 2 and really benefitted from your podcast. It IS difficult, but doable. One thing ive got from the podcast is that I’ll need maybe more things to support me with this challenge. Ive got yoga, family and your invaluable blog and book, but this is like a magical mystery bus of a journey that Im on, and learning to care for myself is realising a) thats its healthy to self care, its necessary, and by doing self care I do actually feel better – the pink cloud does disappear sometimes but thats ok……I feel like theres a community of people out there who are going through exacly the same issues with addiction. also needing to create things and do things is helping my mind clear, like ive put my head in the washing machine – its the same head but its clean clear and happier xx’

  • It was ranty, but hey, I put on my big girl panties and listened to all of it. What I’ve learned from you and my stints of sobriety/Belle/other sober coaches (currently day 54 and not willing to throw it away this time): Sobriety is learning not to seek running from “high to high”. It’s ok to be underwhelmed.

    As for this particular podcast…..YES! Our default is negative. Working on that with reframing and being grateful. Seeing the “shitty silver lining” as you put it! LOL. Even if the lining is brown AF, I’m going to learn/grow from it, dammit! Thanks for all you do, Belle. xo

  • Haha, not ranty , just ‘no bullshit Belle’. It’s unrealistic to want ‘pink clouds’ all the time, and that’s why we are all here as we were previously looking for the ‘magic happiness solution’ to uncomfortable stuff in alcohol. The power is in dealing with each day as it comes, and using the tools in our toolbox (like gratitude) to appreciate the pink cloud days, and to balance out the bad days. Thanks for always being a voice of reason Belle! ( and for making this one free, it was useful)

  • Right on, Belle! 70+ days of not drinking (after over 50 years of devolving) but without much support. However, you and your book, and a few others have kept me going! What you say, how you say it, just who you are resonates with me. I am not much on e-mailing, ect but wanted to say thanks from the depth of my heart.

  • Belle…. You are indeed in full wonderful rant. Full of emotion. Full of good information. In a full foam. No editing. I believe it takes discipline as a coach to go back, take away the repeats. Focus. Yes there are pink cloud feelings. Yes it takes step by step determination. Self realization. No drinks. Run one mile. Sleep one hour. I am glad you are here. But please focus. Slice away the excess

    • Hi there, i’m not sure what you mean 🙂 i’ve never gone back and edited. i do them podcasts in one take. and i think that sober support is all about repetition, at its core 🙂
      you might not be the intended audience if you’re past the first 2 years sober. tks, hugs.

  • This completely changed my internal narrative. Realised I’m now replacing alcohol with sugar looking for an up. . Giving in to cravings just makes me crave more . I’m learning just to hold still and simply be . Thank you Belle .

  • I don’t go to the negative too often. And when I do, it’s usually because someone close to me is feeling negative. Sharing my attitude of gratitude while they are struggling has proven to be ineffective. That can sometimes drag me down too! So staying away from the negativity is the best thing for me. I try to be grateful for all I do have! I do love life! At 8 months AF today! Hope this positivity continues! Thanks for this!

  • Love ranty Belle – I thought this was awesome. Like the fact that you compare addictions. When a gambler wants one more bet – that sounds like a terrible idea. But Wolfie loves the idea of just one more drink! Good reminder of why we need to keep up supports, add more. don’t take eye off the ball – Wolfie is always waiting for a chink in the armour x

  • Powerful message and I never thought about shopping in the same category as drinking addiction, but I now realize it is. Just a quick “hit” and then everything will feel better is just more Wolfie crap. I have more to work on…

  • Found this very helpful and no bullshit. Signed up for the weekly’s. Anyway of finding out if there are other Belle readers/listeners in Italy? I live in Milan.

  • Thank you for this roller coaster of a gift Belle.
    My relationship is a disaster,I feel totally unheard, because there is no milk!
    Can I act in my own best interest despite what my head says?
    We need to re light our pilot lights EVERY fucking day.
    Devolve or evolve, there is no standing still with Wolfie.
    I can hear that voice, but I don’t have to interact with it.
    2nd time if listening, and will do so again at least once before it’s taken down.
    So much in here. Lots of triggers too, hence roller coaster…what a ride!!😘

  • I like how you compare drinking to other addictions and how I wouldn’t think it’s okay to gamble just one more time, so why would I think it’s okay to drink one more time. Also how our minds say 1 is good but 5 is better.

  • I concur! Gratitude, yoga, meditation, breath work, improved food choices, exercise, phone a friend, listen to a podcast – all of these, and more, and reframing help me to feel better about myself, help me to shift out of a negative feeling more quickly. Euphoria happens when something wonderful occurs, a big shift, a windfall, a surprise. Learning to grow the feelings of contentment, joy, pride, these raise me up, little by little, and sometime in big happy leaps.

  • Devolve and evolve are the only choices…it was good for me to hear that. Also nice to get some reality about the benefits of gratitude but also its limits. It’s just one good tool. It can’t do it all.

  • Fabulous!! Just reinforces my brain to keep thinking, there is no magic, just keep doing what you’re doing and recognize, it really takes some effort, forever💖

  • Hi Belle, I’ve been thinking about kindness to self as a way of supporting or reframing the ongoing work of sobriety and for me accepting the absence of close ones who have died. Pink cloud feelings are wonderful and I choose to accept them as moments of healing. I know they will not be constant—the grasping for that euphoria is it’s own addiction and induces sorrow. I love the connection you make that Wolfie says why not drink then? It reminds me of people who associate fighting with good make up sex. Not good reframing. Great podcast. Thanks