#100DaySoberChallenge – Continuous Days in February 2021

Hi there, happy valentine’s day. this seems like a good day to have a look back on where we’ve been, to see if it’s leading to where we want to go. Like, can you ‘get what you want’ by doing what you’ve been doing?

The goal for the #100DaySoberChallenge is continuous days sober. in the comments below, you can say what is the longest stretch of continuous days you’ve had so far IN FEBRUARY. Maybe your longest sober stretch is 7 days continuously, or you’re on day 14 today for February …

In order to create a safe space here, i’ll make some general recommendations that you can think about before you post:

  • Enter your continuous days sober for February 2020 (not your total days if you’ve been sober longer). this helps to create a more inclusive environment when we have a smaller focus on just january for now.
  • Start a new comment and talk about YOU, rather than commenting on other person’s share. When we read about other people we feel less alone; it helps more than “you got this” from a stranger. and often when we comment on each other’s posts, someone is left out, some comments get more likes, etc.
  • Make an effort to use positive (or neutral) language. You can say “I’ve had 6 continuous days in February” versus “I’m on day 5 again.” I’ll edit out the word ‘again’ if you post that (!)
  • Leave out mentions of specific kinds of alcohol, types, brands, and colours. if you mention that you miss booze, that’s fine. if you say ‘i miss a clear glass of blah blah’ i’ll very kindly remove the entire comment.
  • Put in a screen name when it asks for your ‘name’ and just a reminder that email addresses are NOT displayed (EVER). i also approve every comment before it is posted 🙂

ok, i’ll start …


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I’m four days sober and plan on making it to one hundred. If I don’t think I can have a drink responsibly at a hundred, then I’ll keep going!

  • 14 days sober then I heard some terrible news and drank last night. Today I’m feeling horrific stress and worry – doubly so because I’m hung over & of course running on no sleep. But, today is Day 1. So there is hope.

  • 35 continuous days alcohol free. It’s a miracle. Was high functioning by day, a closet sneak a drink bottle or 2 by night. Starting reading about what alcohol was doing in my brain. The knowledge was powerful and literally, like a switch, hoped off the escalator….finally!

  • This will be day 28 for me, going to make it through “Dry Feb” which was the initial goal….even celebrated a family birthday last night with no booze for me. Now I’ve decided I want to do 100 days sober…… I feel so much better, and most days it’s easier not to drink that those first few…..I don’t want to start over again. Hoping posting this will help to keep me accountable.

  • … 25 continuous days for February. I wish I could say this is getting easier but it comes in waves and it’s a Friday. Knowing we aren’t alone in this helps though. Thanks Belle, Thanks Everyone!

  • Day 22. For the past week I’ve felt all the symptoms that are the classic associates of over-drinking – banging headache, uncontrollable shaking, extreme emotions and general low mood.
    Yesterday, as I woke up to another eyewatering headache, I contemplated going into the kitchen and pouring myself a large glass of wine. My reasoning for weighing this up as a viable option was that I couldn’t feel any worse than I already did. And I honestly, seriously, considered it. For 10 minutes.
    And then I sobered up and realised nothing is worth having another day 1 for– no matter how shitty I feel.

  • Day 1. Previously had 6 days continuous in February. This is my first day here on Belle’s blog. Day 1 out of 100.

  • I’ve had 8 continuous days in February without drinking. Getting just past a week is something I feel quite proud of, and it isn’t hurting too much so far. I stopped drinking for almost 2 years continuously before the pandemic. I suffered 3 bereavements last March, during the first wave, and that derailed me. But on the plus side, I do know that I can do this, and that it’s really worth the doing, so I’m looking forward to it.

  • I’m 17 days continuously sober in February so far! And 53 days continuously sober since December 27, 2020! I feel so incredibly grateful. My emotions have been up and down, but also have had calm, settled, peaceful times. And I’ve been working through some serious exhaustion, I’ve been trying to let myself rest without feeling guilty. But overall, I am functioning so much better now. Being continuously sober is the key!

  • I’ve been sober since November 28th 2020. Have been following tired of thinking about drinking since then. Half way through the book _ loving it ! Grateful for all the support 💘

  • 16 days continuously sober in February. Also started Yoga and have 5 sessions under my belt so far. Some days I feel great and other days I feel fatigued. My moods can be up and down. But I’m committed to this and I’m focused on the why: My son.

  • [I have 15 days sober so far in February.] I’ve done a month or more no booze every year for the past 20, for health, weight, accountability, and yes I end up saying, “good job, ok to have one”……..

    Driving 1 hour home, Wolfie sometimes starts 30 minutes from home. I blast some music. I wait 5 minutes. I have a nap. I watch sailing videos. I suck a lemon at home. I walk the dog. I hug the dog. I don’t drink. I survived again.

    It does seem different this time. I began asking myself, “are you really going to celebrate – insert event here-
    1.(partner’s birthday) without a drink? Apparently you are! “ and I survived.
    2.When my A-Hole colleague was finally fired, I went home and though about having a drink, but thought , I’ve been drinking at him ( and other irritants) for some time-how about he doesn’t rule my drinking habits anymore?
    3. Valentine’s Day? Yip!
    It gets better. Onward!

  • I’m 15 days continuously sober this February and glad about this as I feel I am much more in touch with my feelings……

  • Day 14 of continuous sobriety for February . . . I am really enjoying this but am looking at the light at the end of tunnel and feel that it is a train heading my way. I have been slow from a work standpoint for a good while. Work for me can be really intense . . . I am a recruiter. Deadlines, demanding partners, clients with insane expectations, candidates who maybe don’t meet the above. And family. Always. But this pandemic bubble has insulated me. I haven’t had to cope with all of that stuff. Wine has been my way to cope with anxiety, stress. A way to avoid what I could be. A way to cope with not being heard. I don’t understand all to often how to be heard. Understood. This is rambling. Apologies. Bottom line – how do I maintain what I have now in the face of returning normalcy and associated crap??

  • Continuous days in Feb- 14! I’ve been in and out of this sober challenge for years but this time I feel really good about continuing sober for good. I guess it’s finally sunk in that alcohol has no place in my life if I want happiness- it was only causing me fear and depression. I’m excited to continue ..

  • Reused Belle‘s banana bread cooking class video on Instagram for my sober Valentine‘s & am still indulging in this tremendously yummy special treat for working on day 15 in February today 😋☕️🥳 . Thank you so much for being here! Together we can do this! 🙏❤️

  • Day 1 for me. Not really sure how these blogs work but will give it a try! 👍
    Well done to all those on thier continuous days in Feb, keep it up!