#100DaySoberChallenge Day 31- Continuous Days – January 2021

Hi there, so it’s end of January. Seems like a good day to have a look back on where we’ve been, to see if it’s leading to where we want to go (how’s that for a confusing sentence!).

The goal for the #100DaySoberChallenge is continuous days sober. in the comments, you can say what is the longest stretch of continuous days you’ve had in January. Maybe your longest sober stretch was 7 days continuously, or 18, or you’re working on today as the 31st continuous day.

In order to create a safe space here, i’ll make some general recommendations that you can think about before you post:

  • Enter your continuous days sober for January 2021 (not your total days if you’ve been sober longer). this helps to create a more inclusive environment when we have a smaller focus on just january for now.
  • Make an effort to use positive (or neutral) language. You can say “I’ve had 6 continuous days in January” versus “I’m on day 5 again.” I’ll edit out the word ‘again’ if you post that (!)
  • Leave out mentions of specific kinds of alcohol, types, brands, and colours. if you mention that you miss booze, that’s fine. if you say ‘i miss a clear glass of blah blah’ i’ll very kindly remove the entire comment.
  • Start a new comment and talk about YOU, rather than commenting on other person’s share. When we read about other people we feel less alone; it helps more than “you got this” from a stranger. and often when we comment on each other’s posts, someone is left out, some comments get more likes, etc.
  • Put in a screen name when it asks for your ‘name’ and just a reminder that email addresses are NOT displayed (EVER). i also approve every comment before it is posted ๐Ÿ™‚

ok, i’ll start …


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Did about 5 weeks sober, the most in about 20 years. Got a bit cocky I think and have drank again for the last week. I felt fantastic sober and need to get back to that!! Letโ€™s do this together!!

  • I have 31 continuous days in January. I am new here and looking forward to learning more about this community. Thanks for having me!

  • 31 days in January… working on day 5/February. Made it soberly through a computer break down which is a new kind of pain in the a** during COVID and homeoffice… Thank you Belle and everyone for being here!!!

  • 31 days sober in January! It’s mind boggling how easy it was. Don’t worry I’m on high alert, checking in every day. Reading everything related to road to clarity listening to lovely Belle’s mini messages.

  • 33 days for me today!! Longest in 12 years. The daily emails and this blog has helped keep me focused on my goal. Feel less depressed but still awaiting a great night sleep….

  • 31 days sober in January. Keeping notes on Shit Belle Says in my journal are very helpful daily reminders for me. I had a booze-ectomy is a favorite.

  • [I’m sober for many days] but, here to say it is only because of tools!! I still listen to podcasts and look forward to my dear Belle everyday. So great to be involved with like-minded people! Wolfie doesn’t talk to me every day or even every week, but he is still there. I plan to remain vigilant!!! You can do this! Peace and love

  • 31 days for me in January – thank you all for letting me say that here! I’m keeping this round private, just for me and my anonymous sober supports. Treated myself to a cute new pouch to keep a handful of physical sober supports in and that’s been so helpful!

  • 31 days without booze and so glad that January is over; staying sober helped me get through a hard month and Iโ€™m looking forward to enjoying an alcohol free spring and summer.

  • Hi … so I had 31 days in January sober from alcohol and codeine…
    And various other behaviours that Iโ€™m still working on ….
    (A work in progress)
    Good to be able to check in as if I drink then it pretty much messes up my life …

  • Date of last drink 31 December 2020. Going to be 50 in April and want to not have a drink on my birthday for the first time since I was 16. If I get bored Wolfe tempts me!

  • 31 days sober in January! The hardest part was preparing for Day 1 and Day 1. Can’t wait for sleep to come this month.

  • I had 31 continuous sober days in january, 30 of them without acting bulimic (which was my challenge for this year).

  • Date of last drink Jan 17 2021.Tired of thinking about drinking.Tired of covid and missing human connection big time today.

  • 31 continuous days sober it feels so good please donโ€™t let me ever drink again
    Hugs to everyone and thankyou Belle

  • 31 continuous days sober in January – feeling proud of myself and like it is taking me where I want to go which is 100 continuous days sober. Going to try keep taking care of me, use my sober toolkit as much as I need to and protect my sobriety as I move on from here.

  • 1st day..Hi Belle..just read an article in parent magazine which mentioned Booze-Free Brigade so I decided to look it up and here I am. I’m a mom of 3 and I’m guilty of indulging more than I should, especially in front of my kids. I thought I was able to hide it but today realized my 8year old is aware of it and I’m pretty sure she is embarrassed by it. I won’t go much further in details. For now I’m just happy for this platform. My goal is a month for now.

  • 29 days sober!!! The longest ever since pregnancy and breastfeeding my now 23year old!!! Thank goodness I found you on the 2nd (or 3rd) of January. My last drink Olof alcohol was on January 2nd. I think it may be more difficult moving forward because the novelty has worn off BUT I have been accumulating tools and supports and I and committed to remain so or for the full 100 days ! Then we shall see!

  • 31 days for a dry January. The idea of setting small goals rather than using the words “never” and “forever” really makes sense to me, and I’m feeling good about continuing through February.

  • 31 continous days, wahoooooo! I am so happy that I have acheived this start to my AF path in 2021. I found daily emails, vidoe clips, audio books, face book groups so helpful in this process and your commentary on continuous days sober has stuck so strongly with me.
    I had one period last week, when receiving the news that my beloved Ollie dog companion is riddled with cancer and will die relatively soon, where I entertained having wine and having lots of it for that night. After listing all that it would not do for me, including not keeping my commitment to being present in my life this year, the only truth was that it would let me numb out for a while. Whilst that still felt appealing to a degree I was clear that it wasn’t honouring of my relationship with Ollie or myself and would impact on my continuous sober path. And in the end it wasn’t even an option as I had already made the decision to no longer drink!!
    Thank you for your work and I’m excited about being well on the way to 110 days!