kindness & patience

lots of k&p
(kindness & patience)

“Belle, I live in a part of NY that is in the heart of all the commotion. I’m seeing amazing acts of kindness, communities coming together to support one another and families just doing the best they can. But I’m also seeing stress and overwhelm and lots of ‘thank god for wine’ kind of social media posts. It’s now more than ever that we have to take care of our sober selves, so that we can take care of our friends and families in kind. So thank you for the support.”

“Your audios are a breath of fresh air. Literally as I walk my dogs on the cold Chicago sun. Listening to you calms me down as everyone else in the US is going crazy. It’s hard to find a voice of reason in all this, my husband thinks it’s fine for his brother to fly here for Easter in 2 weeks, I said no way, we have 2 kids and they just closed restaurants and bars here in [our state] … walking and listening to you keeps me from screaming at the world to calm the fuck down. It’s scary as hell, but what’s scarier is people hoarding food and toilet paper and acting foolish. I hope the kindness you spoke of happens sooner than later. I am reading a book today and then eating popcorn. you mentioned popcorn and that sounds good. Maybe I’ll watch a silly movie with my daughter and hope my husband forgives me. But I will not drink. Thank you for your daily words. I look forward to tomorrow’s message.”

“But for some reason today your email really struck a chord. Kindness and patience everyday – no matter if there is a virus or not. People having their own issues which makes them want to correct others (how to deliver a work project, stacking the dishwasher, on social media) – wow, never looked at it like that. People are doing the best they can – choose K&P and recognise it’s just our opinion that they are wrong – lord I need to hear this every day! Other people’s reactions are not going to move you out of your camp and into theirs. So powerful. Love the way this helps me see it as a conscious choice, choose a camp and stay there, don’t be halfy-half or be coaxed out. Thanks for continuing to send these xx”


perhaps now more than ever, we want something to share
small Quarter paintings, small budget
each quarter painting about 15 x 21 cm (6″ x 8.25″)
got notice again today from the post office that mail continues to work as normal 🙂
link here >

stay = stay here. stay sober. stay focussed on today. 


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012