#100DaySoberChallenge – Continuous Days in February

Hi there, happy valentine’s day. this seems like a good day to have a look back on where we’ve been, to see if it’s leading to where we want to go. Like, can you ‘get what you want’ by doing what you’ve been doing?

The goal for the #100DaySoberChallenge is continuous days sober. in the comments below, you can say what is the longest stretch of continuous days you’ve had so far IN FEBRUARY. Maybe your longest sober stretch is 7 days continuously, or you’re on day 14 today for February …

In order to create a safe space here, i’ll make some general recommendations that you can think about before you post:

  • Enter your continuous days sober for February 2020 (not your total days if you’ve been sober longer). this helps to create a more inclusive environment when we have a smaller focus on just january for now.
  • Start a new comment and talk about YOU, rather than commenting on other person’s share. When we read about other people we feel less alone; it helps more than “you got this” from a stranger. and often when we comment on each other’s posts, someone is left out, some comments get more likes, etc.
  • Make an effort to use positive (or neutral) language. You can say “I’ve had 6 continuous days in February” versus “I’m on day 5 again.” I’ll edit out the word ‘again’ if you post that (!)
  • Leave out mentions of specific kinds of alcohol, types, brands, and colours. if you mention that you miss booze, that’s fine. if you say ‘i miss a clear glass of blah blah’ i’ll very kindly remove the entire comment.
  • Put in a screen name when it asks for your ‘name’ and just a reminder that email addresses are NOT displayed (EVER). i also approve every comment before it is posted 🙂

ok, i’ll start …


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I am 12 days sober in February. The longest I’ve been sober in the last 5 years is 36 days, ending on Christmas day 2019. I can do this. This time is for real.

  • Woke at ‘sparrow’s fart’ this morning (s’cuse the Australianism!) feeling fresh and happy and rested.. I’ve 15 days continuous in February and, aside from the odd craving which I’m finding relatively easy to move past, I’m absolutely loving my new sober life!

  • Day 15 today in February and day 72 altogether. We went to an Italian night last night, a 4 course dinner with different wines matching each course. I was wondering whether it was wise to go but I sat there with sparkling water for 2 hours while drink was being poured out freely all around me. I enjoyed the food and it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I feel proud of myself this morning for doing what is best for me regardless of what is happening around me.. Well done all fellow travellers along sober Lane and thanks fir sharing and building each other up.. Thanks Belle x

  • Day 15 today. Thank you Belle and the rest of this community for everything. I have had not just one but two difficult things happen since I started the challenge. (Life is normally very routine.)Tackling them without pouring wine down my throat every day is giving myself my best chance to cope.

  • Hello there, I’m on day 14 of February. Looking upward onward and forward to more AF days. It’s been getting easier with treats for myself, and adding in some exercise has really made a difference in coping with cravings…so much more relaxed. Cheering y’all on!

    • I’ve also been doing the same thing- treats, exercising a little, and nice baths. It really does make it easier! What is one thing you like to do?

  • I am 14 days sober in Feb and loving every day now, I go to bed early when tired (not wasted) and wake feeling awesome! (Not like shit) Love it! and it only gets better…Thank you Belle XO

  • 14 days in February!!!! AND I have a terrible cold (not the coronavirus :))! But being sick sober for is way better than being sick hungover!!!!

  • 14 happy days sober
    14 happy days not hungover
    14 happy days clear and bright
    14 happy days not without trouble and strife and some family stuff- and friend going into labour and me having her 2 small kids in the middle of the night after taking sleeping tablet ! And snarl with sister and new medication which flattened me …….

    BUT 18 months ago I would have thought it possible to BE sober for 14 days – but now I am!

    I’m a human BEING – BEING ME !

    it’s tough enough at times without the liquid poo never mind adding a depressive potion to which I don’t have an off switch

    thinking and thanking


  • Proud to say 14 days so far for February. I want to go to a bar and blow it on a couple drinks, but I keep thinking about how good I feel! I keep asking myself if that’s really what I want to do? I haven’t felt this good in years.

  • My longest sober stretch in February is 14 days. I’m proud to say I’m also in my longest alcohol-free stretch since my early 20s. Feeling great 🙂

  • Continuously 13 nights sober, looking forward to high 5’ing myself in the morning for Valentine’s night “ accomplished!!”❤️👍🏻‼️✅

  • Today is Day 7 for me. I enjoy being out in the garden with my chickens and dog for longer in the evenings before the sunsets. Rather than inside watching TV and falling asleep after a few drinks.

  • 14 booze free days in February so far. I’ve felt a bit tempted once or twice during the last week but feel good and am sleeping well ☺

  • Today is 14 days continuous in February. I hate Valentine’s Day and the little cupid thing. Almost as much as Wolfie. So I’ll stay sober and piss them both off.

  • 14 days sober in February and 101 days since my last drink. WTF – I did my Birthday, Christmas and New Year. (New Year was brutal btw!) I can look myself in the mirror and like what I see. I can forget stuff….. and it is just because I forgot! Like normal people. I can watch series on TV….. because I can remember the last episode. And I took my utterly gorgeous 22 yr old out for lunch, I didn’t have a hangover, I did have Cranberry Juice and I did not lust after the massive glass of red wine the woman next to me had. I did think, oh God that would just make me feel terrible, and I have to drive and I have stuff to do…….. what is she thinking!
    Happy Valentines to you all. X

  • [14 days continuously sober for February and combined with other time] is the longest since I was a kid.

    Just quietly getting on with it. I feel good. I feel accountable. I feel like I can do so much!

    PS I think I use a diff screen name each time?! I don’t know what it is?

  • Hi! I’m on day 14 of continuous days sobriety in February…. can’t believe it’s almost half way through the month already!
    It’s good to know there are other folks here doing this sober thing (and especially good when it’s not always easy).

  • It’s Feb 14 ❤️ And I have 14 days. I left 6 behind at end of Jan so I have 20 continuous Joined-Up duck-in-a-row days.
    I’m sore today. My guy died on Jan 10th, suddenly. The shock was unbelievable. He drank a lot, way too much, and I drank along with him.
    Still processing, I guess.
    Two weeks later, I stopped drinking, and here I am.
    I miss him. We laughed a lot, and sang, and danced. And drank and drank.
    He’d be proud and happy though, today, that I’m almost 3 weeks in. Long stretch for me. Hugs to everyone ❤️

  • Day 14 this month. This is my first 100 day challenge. Cravings have diminished except when I’m really hungry and tired (such as last night after an intense workout). Said cravings went away after I ate (no alcohol to wash it down) .

  • Longest stretch in February has been 10 days. Its fells great to be on double digits, and I know it will feel even greater as that number increases. It hasn’t been easy, but fuck wolfie. Nothing really worth doing is ever that easy.

  • My longest sober stretch in February has been 14 continuous days. I’ve had days I felt fantastic and days where I was down in the dumps but through it all, I’ve persevered and that’s felt really good.