#100DaySoberChallenge Day 12 – Continuous Days

i wanted to create this check-in space for today. the goal for the #100DaySoberChallenge is continuous days sober. in the comments, you can say how many continuous days you’ve had so far since January 1st. Maybe you’ve had 3 days continuously sober, or 8, or you’re working on today as the 12th continuous day?

In order to create a safe space here, i’ll make some general recommendations that you can think about before you post:

  • Enter your continuous days sober since january 1st (not your total days if you’ve been sober longer). this helps to create a more inclusive environment when we have a smaller focus on just january up to now.
  • Make an effort to use positive (or neutral) language. You can say “I’ve had 6 continuous days in January” versus “I’m on day 5 again.” I’ll edit out the word ‘again’ if you post that (!)
  • Leave out mentions of specific kinds of alcohol, types, brands, and colours. if you mention that you miss booze, that’s fine. if you say ‘i miss a clear glass of blah blah’ i’ll very kindly remove the entire comment.
  • Start a new comment and talk about YOU, rather than commenting on other person’s share. When we read about other people we feel less alone; it helps more than “you got this” from a stranger. and often when we comment on each other’s posts, someone is left out, some comments get more likes, etc.
  • Put in a screen name when it asks for your ‘name’ and just a reminder that email addresses are NOT displayed (EVER). i also approve every comment before it is posted 🙂

ok, i’ll start …


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I’ve only managed 15 days dry so far this year, really struggling to crack the 6 day streak. Will try again from Sunday.

  • Checking in… day 9 today and very happy for it. Sleeping better the past two nights, thank goodness. Had a flu-ey cold type thing days 6-8 but it seems to have lifted. Feeling really very good.

  • Today is my day 13. My last drink was on January 6. So far it’s all good but I haven’t had any tough tests yet. I’ve been reading something every day and will go on doing that for the rest of the 100 days 🙂

  • 16 days. I am realizing what a huge habit drinking is and time drain. Getting so much more done with lots of “energy time”!

  • I’m on Day 17 of what started as a Dry January challenge. I think I’m in for the #100daysoberchallenge because I feel so much clearer and more present when I don’t drink alcohol.

  • Day 17. Set out to do 90 days originally but have now seen this and want to extend to 100. I intend both of those to be stepping stones to 6 months, a year, and then the rest of my life. Most apprehensive about telling wife, friends, and family – don’t want to be steered off the path.

  • I have been sober for 13 continuous days in January 2020. I do love living without the self induced hell of guilt, shame and anxiety. I do not know where I am going with sobriety. Right now it doesn’t bother me, the not knowing, but sometimes it does. I have not yet done any social situations and no one knows but me. I do want the support of an on line community, and I plan to go see a counselor. As long as I don’t let my mind zoom off into questions about the future, I feel peaceful.

  • Day 5. I feel more… alive. Kayaked yesterday, took the new shoes for a walk today. Mornings are better. No headache. No hangover. I’m taking care of me.

  • Day 17. This is hard but so worth it. To not drink, I am relying a lot on blogs, podcasts, books, yoga, journaling, walk/jogging, non-alcoholic drinks like flavored seltzer, and I started therapy. It’s like having another job, but I trust it gets easier. And it’s better than hangovers, addiction, etc.

  • 16 days sober. This is living proof that each and every one of those (many) Day 1’s are worth it. Each start can lead to a series of successive days. For some of us, it’s not a linear path but we will only get there if we keep on starting. So grateful to be here sober so far in 2020.

  • Day 12. Good week so far. An image of me drinking in the pub flooded my mind out of nowhere in the early afternoon. Luckily I was driving so it was easy to shift my focus elsewhere. As always, the weekend is the challenge. The howling starts about 2pm Friday. I plan to shut him up with swimming and tax returns!

  • Day 5. Mixed feelings that are switching between confused, bored, shame, excitement…just to name a few. I have absolutely no desire to drink but I’m tempted (or may have already) to overeat and/or chainsmoke. I was actually quite happy in the morning but I think I’ve reached a point today where I’ve thought too much about sobriety/alcohol/changing habits. The last five days I’ve spent every free minute reading about those topics and it got me motivated and excited at first. But now it’s become overwhelming and dull. I need to shift my focus to something else to recharge my batteries.

  • Day 1 … I couldn’t do much today because I was hungover. But because I wasn’t feeling well, I had to take care of myself. I am (a young) 64 years old and live alone. I read and rested, ate only what appealed to me and drank lots of water and diet ginger ale. If only I could treat myself that well every day…
    The part of the challenge I can’t seem to get is the need for support. I am an introvert by nature, but it is going to kill me if I don’t start reaching out.
    I got a wonderful treat today. The timing couldn’t have been better; I felt like Belle was my sober angel. The “You Have Potential” bracelet I ordered in silver arrived today. It is beautiful in its simplicity! I don’t believe in good luck charms, but I do believe in symbols that remind us of what we already know.

    • Hi! I’m 63. probably a good age for both of us to quit. I’ve been trying to quit for a while, on 16 days now, happy to have found this site.

  • My step father went sober for life but it wasn’t a free choice as he had a major heart attack and stopped drinking since then. Hoping he will continue the joys of sobriety

  • Gourockgirl

    14 days today and counting. Not going to pretend that some days (always in the evening) its been hard to get Wolfie out of my mind – still equating that glass with a treat even though I don’t even like the taste anymore and know I’ll feel like shit in the morning cause its never just 1 glass. Treats are so important so I think we should all be getting ourselves a little something for having made it thus far.

  • Day 13! And the first sober New Year’s Eve (and therefore not feeling like crap New Year’s Day) I’ve had in many years.

  • 13 continuous days in January today…and counting. Past two days I struggled with lots of thoughts of drinking. Because I was sad one day, because I got good news and wanted to celebrate the next. Just wanting to hold onto sober momentum any way I can.

  • Day 12 for me today. I’ve been to two social (drinking) events and just didn’t drink – fairly low key. Only one person pushed a few times for me to have “just one” but I stayed strong. I felt so good as I drove myself home! Thanks Belle for these emails.

  • I have had 8 continuous days sober, I started on the 4th. Unfortunately I am slow learner, and last night had to prove to myself as to why being sober is so much more enjoyable, by ending my streak 🙁 All good. Back on the train. Let’s see, 88 days left of this challenge? Next post I am striving to be 88 days sober of the 100.

  • Today I realized that I have been sober every day of 2020! I am filled with gratefulness for the help I have received here. There is strength in one with others.

  • Hi, Up until last night I had 5 continuous days without alcohol since January 1. Yeah, that’s right – I started on Jan 1 and then had a drink a few days later because my partner was being annoying (that makes complete sense, right – not!) and caved into the wolfie voice again last night. Even though I feel so much better without it, cutting out the booze is proving to be harder than I thought. Although I thought I’d be on day 13 by now, but Wolfie is a persistent little fucker. In a way, I’m greatly for tripping up in the challenge, as it proved to be a real eye opener. It shows how much my mind has relied on booze to escape and zone out. I’m Starting day 1 today and this time I’m Enlisting a friend I can check in with each day and am not going to let a single day pass without reading something to remind me why I want to kick alcohol to the curb.

  • Day 13 for me! Morning headache becoming less severe and I LOVE feeling awake at work on a Monday! Good luck everyone and thank you Belle for the emails x

  • 13 days continuous sober for me in January. Feeling physically much better and much calmer. Really enjoying not having to feel bad about my alcohol consumption.

  • Day 12. Thanks Belle. Being here helps. Being sober is so much better than drinking. I still struggle with feelings of missing out but am learning to feel differently about that. Not drinking means I am learning to think and feel differently. And I’m good with that.

  • Day 12 today still feeling crappy and have a lingering headache which I’m sure is due to releasing 20 years of toxins. Feeling proud though and not giving up. Fuck you wolfie.

  • I have had 10 consecutive days of being sober in January, today is day 11. I have had a few suprising moments when I have realized that I hadn’t thought about drinking during times when I usually would have. This gives me hope that things will get easier!

  • Alright! I’m on day 12 and I’ve only had to deal with Wolfie a couple of times-told him I feel bad for him but to just fuck off and it’s worked! I’m keeping Wolfie in check and calling the Bologna. It’s been tough but I was able to stay up and watch an entire movie with my family; I haven’t done that it a long time and it felt so good ❤️❤️❤️. Just the little things that I’ve really missed.

  • Hi, I’m on day 13 today and feeling more positive and stronger every day. I had a virus for the first week, which really helped to dampen any cravings and gave me lots of time to sleep, rehydrate, read quit-lit and get in the right headspace. I made Belle’s ‘fuck you wolfie lemonade’ which was delicious and brought myself a sober treat for 7 days (Jason Vale’s ‘kick the drink easily’ – highly recommended!) and 10 days (a colouring in book of mandella’s and new pencils to celebrate alcohol being officially purged from my body). Thanks for your support staying sober! xx