#100DaySoberChallenge – Day 2 – Nice to meet you :)

just thought i’d open up this space where we can introduce ourselves. the goal for the #100DaySoberChallenge is continuous days sober. you can say what day you’re on today, and later i’ll do another post and you can report in your continuous days so far.

you can put in a screen name when it asks for your ‘name’.

and email addresses are NOT displayed (EVER). i also approve every comment before it is posted 🙂

you can say who you are, what day you’re on, and WHY you’re doing the #100DaySoberChallenge

ok, i’ll start …


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Day 4, looking to finally get a good stretch in to see some benefits. Cut back significantly in 2019 but never felt good enough to get any momentum. It was very demoralizing reading about others’ pink cloud experience, weight loss, improved sleep and energy. This time I’m working on radical acceptance that those things aren’t part of my experience and also working with a nutritionist and transitioning to a plant-based diet to hopefully improve my own recovery experience

  • This is Day 1 for me. A little late but like many kept putting this off for a little longer until the right time came along. Well, it will never be the right time and I realize I have just been a coward. I’m tired of the same cycle every day…waking up and feeling foggy, pretending I feel just fine in front of my husband and kids, changing my plans such as a nice run or going to the farmers market on a Saturday morning because I don’t feel well. I’m tired of saying “that’s it, I’m done drinking” but then dinner time rolls around and here we go again with that first glass of white wine. Sometimes it’s just one, other times its three(?). I am healthy and active but drinking just does not go with who I really am (or who I think I am). I have quit several times for a bit but always find a reason why it would be okay to just have one and then here we go again. I do know that when I am not drinking I feel much better overall, am healthier and am content. During those non-drinking times, I love being able to wake up ready to face the day with a clear head and if I want to go for that run on a beautiful morning I love feeling ready to do it and being proud of myself. I want to feel like that every morning.

  • Good Morning! Today is day 15. I’m doing this because I make my life miserable when I’m not doing it, and I feel like I’m killing myself.

  • I have had SO many day 1’s that I couldn’t begin to count them. Today is day 2 and I am posting here to be accountable…………something I haven’t done in the past.

  • I’m on day 11 and whilst I wouldn’t consider myself an addict (I can easily go a few days without drinking), I am a binge/social drinker who can never say no. I don’t think I’ve gone longer than 2 weeks without a drink for over 20 years, and often have heavy weekends. Have a weekend away with friends coming up which will be the real test…

  • I’m on day 10. I’ve been cutting back since being diagnosed with heart disease 5 years ago. I went from not drinking to moderating to nearly being a daily drinker. Feeling really ready to do this!

    I am trying to do dry January and find to my shock and horror that I can’t ! After a false start I tried again and managed the last 3 days drink free, then blew it last night. It scared me – the power of that voice in my head telling me I was definitely going to drink last night cos I’d had a horrid time being good and doing my tax return.

  • Day 9 for me. I miss my nightly bottle (s) of wine but I do not miss the hangovers. Not drinking makes life easier in every way. I was drinking so much that every day was a struggle to get through but I thought that it was alcohol helping me to get through the day! Drinking will always make my life hell because I do not have the ability to stop. One glass always leads to another and another and another … I know I can’t [drink] because I’d go straight back to bingeing. I can no longer drink like a normal person. I just don’t want to go back to what I was. I know I’m not alone x

  • Day one. I have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, I use it as a crutch when life feels too hard to deal with … I can drink socially and stop myself when I’ve had enough or am as tipsy as I want to be in front of people, but alone I need to be hammered to switch off at all. I need to break the cycle but I’m not sure it’s something I can achieve by myself.

  • I failed at Day 3 then after a couple of days thought wtaf does this mean, if I can’t even do this I’m on a bottle a night for the rest of my life (52 now) and I don’t want that, I need to feel good about myself again so I am back off again now. Day 2. Jeez. How many times does it take to learn a lesson.

    • For me? Many . Many. Times. Went 6 days this month, then Wolfe said, “awww. Go ahead”. Day 1 (again) tomorrow.

  • I have 20 days. Going to my first meeting tonight at a meditation center. I am really looking forward to making some sober friends and larger sober community. It will be a relief to talk to others about the struggle.

  • 3 days & feeling determined. I want the day & night sweats to go, unwanted weight to go, the unfriendly cranky, self absorbing side of me to go & the real me to appear

  • Day 3. Scared of liver pain (this is new and frightening) and just tired of being tired. I have ferocious carb cravings, and the weekends are the worst part. Trying just to focus on staying busy.

  • Day 7… Feeling really good and this feels different to other times I’ve stopped. Done with feeling anxious and lethargic. Done with night sweats and unproductive weekends. Done with sad calories and over sharing. Done and feeling optomistic.

  • I am 6 days sober today. I have managed to put a couple sober stretches together, but then I ended up drinking again:(. I want to commit to 100 days…..hopefully to lead to many more

  • Hi day 8 and things seem to be settling down a bit. Could not sleep well the first 5 days and felt unwell. Started back at work today after being off for the holidays so hopefully my body will forgive me for all the punishment I have gave it and let me start to feel great. Big hugs to all my fellow people xxx

  • Felt that I was never ever going to be able to stop. Like Indiana Jones [Fly? Yes! Land? No!] I am “Drink? Yes! Stop? No!|” But it’s all very scary. Wolfie tempts me with the welcome of a cool sherbet and desert oasis tent of a first cold white wine, hiding the morning after when I am alone in a burning desert after the merchants’ caravan has rumbled on without me….

  • Hi I’m in Day 5 of what I hope and expect is packing in the drink for good. Same as Painterpants I’m having huge carb cravings. Its been OK so far, but Mr Mandyc is doing Dry January, so the true test for me will be our first social/family get together in two weeks. They all drink to much and I’m worried they will quiz me and tell me I’m basically wrong to want to stop completely and that I can surely have just one or two. But I can’t. They will put the pressure on.

  • Hi. I’m on day 36. Its been a long process and its only recently that I have fully accepted that I cannot safely drink alcohol. The best I have done over the last couple of years has been about four and a half months. Two or three months regularly with sporadic binges which was my thing . This time feels different. I feel at peace with my decision to finally look at my relationship with alcohol as something I am physically and mentally allergic to. Absorbing all things pro-sobriety at the moment, books, blogs, and everything in between. Meditation, gratitude and being present work for me.

  • Hi I’m Paola, day 5… I’m doing the 100 days challenge to get back in control of my own destiny. I’m fed up of feeling tired lazy numb, I want to get out there and do shit that makes me feel good about myself. Hey hi 😬

  • Six months sober following inpatient rehab then my inner voice got the better of me and now six months on and off. Mainly on. Just one. Then just one bottle. Tried AA. Need something different. Happy to know I’m not alone 😀 xx

  • I’m on day 5 and it feels good. Been struggling with sugar and carb cravings, not too much Wolfie (yet). I’m also doing a 30 day AF challenge with a Naked Mind group. To me I can’t even predict an outcome yet, I’m just trying to reach out for support, be mindful and do lots of self care and nurturing. Going to read Belle’s Wolfie book while I visit NYC for a few days, and catch up on her podcasts. I truly wouldn’t be this far if not for Belle!

  • For me it’s day one, Jan 5th 2020. I had planned to quit drinking for the new year. I’m a bit late, but late is better than never. My drinking has gone from a 6 pack to an 9-10 pack every other night, over the last couple of years. Been drinking for 15 years now, and it’s time to try some accountability. I’ve attempted to quit a few times at least, trying something different this time.

  • Wow, day 5 for me. I really can’t believe it, I’ve drunk solidly for the last 20 years and now I’m 5 days sober. Mentally, I am on a high, physically, I can function normally. I got through a Saturday night, home alone without a drop of alcohol. Normally that would be carte blanche to get totally and intentionally plastered and then Sunday would be spent in bed. I spent last night reading the blogs, reading the emails and listening to belle. Anything to keep Wolfie at bay because I know he is always lurking x

  • Hi all 😊 4.5 months sober, this is my second attempt, last time I got to 7 months before buckling and I want to beat my old record lol. Some days are great, some not so much. Struggling with anxiety/depression and a partner who’s an alcoholic. Just wanted to post around like minded people x

  • Hellooo! I am working on day 56 right now – 8 weeks! Prior to now I hadn’t gone more than 4 consecutive days in 2019. Almost 20 yrs ago, I was sober for a year, but a vacation derailed that. I won’t make that mistake again!! In the last couple years, at least, I’ve been telling myself to quit, listing reasons not to drink, trying to cut back, etc., to no avail – Wolfie always overrode any rational thinking and desire to be a better me. It finally all came to a head on November 9, 2019. Not anymore! Belle helped me see Wolfie for who he is and I will no longer listen to him.

    I have been noticing that I’ve paired drinking with so many routine activities (cooking, going out to eat, cleaning, being alone in the house, even play dates) that I have to undo. The undoing is going well; I am mindful of the pangs and urges through the process of unpairing and give myself lots of alternatives to drinking (been bingeing on herbal tea LOL) and sober treats!

    I recently read an email from Belle’s penpal which said using healthy coping mechanisms while drinking is akin to bandaging a paper cut while having a heart attack – this really resonated with me, as I have a wide array of coping skills that just weren’t as effective when I was drinking. I can enjoy so much more now. I still fear Wolfie and know I’m not out of the woods where he lives and may never be. The important thing is to stay vigilant and continue using multiple supports (as Belle recommends). I’m so grateful to Belle and my sister for doing this with me.

    P.S. An app that has been very helpful to me is I Am Sober.

  • 208 days for me. Next step 308 days! I’m feeling so much better without alcohol but still miss that beer or lovely glass of wine, or more … I need to remember how unwell and miserable I was while drinking. For the sake of my mental and physical health, I need to remain alcohol free! Go all of us! Much love to you all x

  • Day 1. I haven’t been drinking everyday lately, but when I do it’s a bottle. The last 2 years it’s been several bottles a week…ok at least 5…It’s done out of boredom after work.
    Want to stop for my health, my weight and life in general. There’s so much more than plopping my a$$ on a barstool or couch for the evening

  • Day 12 for me. I am doing this challenge because I had a really hard time stopping drinking this time. I know that if I start back up, I may not ever stop. I am scared and need help and suppport.

  • Day 4 for me. Wolfie hasn’t said a word YET. Haha. Doing well. Feeling like alcohol is such a waste of my time and my money and ME. What was I thinking drinking like I have been for soooo long? Dumb. Alcohol has been DUMBing and NUMBing, me for far too long. Feeling strong.

  • Hello day 4 today. I spent most of 2019 sober with the most consecutive days being 101 and slipped up on new year’s eve. I want 2020 to be the beginning of my sober life.

  • Sick and tired of drinking. I am day 2 after 30 days af and then relapsed. I need help. Alcohol has devastated my life. My problem is I can’t get to sleep as I was used to blacking out every night. I wake at 4am back to bad sleep and can’t remember what I watched on TV or anything the night before. I can’t believe I am still able to work or that I am not dead. I really want and need to STOP.

  • Day 3. Thank you Belle for starting your blog with your day 3. I finished reading your first 30 days. It’s inspired me to write my thoughts down.
    Most important thought of the day: I’m not going to drink today …

  • Hi all, I’m on Day 8! I’m very proud of myself but feeling incredibly tired and sleeping a lot.
    My motivation? Really sick of the guilt of knowing I’m drinking in a way that damages my health, makes me dopey, and is a way of me avoiding negative feelings instead of engaging in life!!
    So far I’ve made it through a party, New Years eve, caring for my grandchildren, lunch with my sister’s. I’m an introvert and find sicial7zing draining hence the alcohol use! But guess what I’ve discovered that the alcohol is no help in these situations… I just need to remember this!!

  • Hi everyone. It’s so good to be able to reach out to you all for support ❤️ I am a 60 year old woman who has spent most of my life trying to hide my addiction to wine (or anything else in the absence of wine) from my family, friends and workmates. I guess you know how well that went! I am now determined that I am going to beat this thing. My beloved son is having a baby this year and he has already intimated that my drinking could drive a wedge between us. That WILL NOT happen. I have so much to look forward to and so many goals to achieve and I know I can have a great life if I can just remove the drink and send Wolfie packing. Let’s nail the beast, we can do this!

  • Day 445 here. I’m committing to the 100 day challenge because I’m going through some tough personal stuff at the moment and so I’d like some extra support. Being continuously sober is the foundation on which all the good stuff is built.

  • Day 4! I’m liking how clear headed I feel but am terrified of the eventual cravings I know I’ll have. Cautiously moving forward and taking it day by day. This weekend may be a bit triggering.

  • I’m on day 2. I want to be a positive role model for my children. I want to be present and enjoy my time I have with them. I want to have mental and spiritual clarity. The time I spend drinking or hungover is time away from God and my family. The real important things in my life. Not booze. I am striving to become the best version of me. I have done a few challenges before but always go back to my old ways. I am ready for a transformation.

  • January 3, 2020 This is day 3 for me. Want to complete the 100 day
    challenge as I have never gone that long since I began drinking wine about 20 years ago. Husband is supporting me and next week I will announce to my friends who mostly all drink about my intention. Need to remain accountable!

  • Day 9 here. Woohoo. I didn’t think this was possible. I want a new way to live my life. I don’t want to have to numb out in order to handle everything.

  • Date of my last drink was Monday 30th December. I totally messed up Xmas for my family and was in hospital by Xmas day afternoon. I have been trying to quit for a year or so, since my husband died and I knew I was on a slippery slope. I don’t ever want to feel the way I did last week, ever again. Adele x

  • Day 1. Did the 100 day challenge successfully over the summer but fooled myself into thinking moderation would now work. So wrong, climbed back into a bottle and half nightly wine habit in a short time. The benefits of sobriety so outweigh the daily drinking lifestyle. Fingers crossed that this will be my last day 1. Everyone, keep fighting the good fight and never give up!