The 3 Things You Need to Know {Audio}

There are three main messages that I repeat often with penpals: about being alone, about being broken, and the wolfie voice.

In this audio, I go into detail on each one.

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​This was recorded December 30, 2019 in anticipation of New Year’s Day which is a common Day 1 in the sober world. But it works for July 1st too!

You’ll want to take some time right now and have a listen. Split it into sections if you need to. Do this now.

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​Sober Podcast 346. The 3 Things You Need to Know

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I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Hi, I’m on day 118 of belles 100 day challenge. Best thing I’ve done in years. I’ve experienced days of genuine feelings of freedom and also disbelief that I’ve managed 118 days after five years of daily drinking. I’m not alone, ty Belle.

  • Great way to start the new year with the audio of the foundation stones of the plan. I remember listening to the first lesson in the sober jump start class 13months ago and feeling that at last i connected with someone that was on my page. I followed Belles plan as I figured out that she must know more than me!! RESULT im doing so well sober and its a wonderful feeling, I felt higher last night alcohol free than I have ever done throwing booze down my neck, what a gift. Its worth persevering and doing what’s suggested. Im continuing doing the things that are working and keeping up with it – a bit a day, IM IMPORTANT and there is help there if we grab it. Smile9

  • I needed to know and be constantly reassured that I was not alone in those first weeks- this was very important because I thought it was just me who promised myself over and over, yet always did the same thing day after day. It was so hard to quit, and I thought I was the only person who heard all kinds of excuses in my head. I needed someone external, someone who didn’t know me at all, to say exactly what I was feeling/thinking out loud without me having to ask the question first. I found that in Belle’s first messages and emails. The validation was immense.
    I thought I was broken- like a puzzle missing pieces- I could not get out of the spiral I was in. I only saw one way out, and even that didn’t work because I’m still here. When I tried elsewhere for help (alongside Belle), I was told it was my character flaws that kept me drinking, so I had to fix all of those (after figuring out what they were first) before I could get sober. So disheartening, impossible even. I didn’t know where to start. I started to have hope listening to Belle’s messages and reading emails when no one else / nothing else could reach me. I grabbed onto that little tiny piece of hope, and it grew from there. One of the messages about regret and one of the urban meditations where you look at yourself and do you want to be where you are 50 years from now really got to me. I cried for the first time in 7 years.
    That voice in my head- it was a turning point for me when I heard Belle say that we all hear it, and it wasn’t really me. I thought I was going mad and was afraid to tell anyone. I realise now how ridiculous some of my excuses sounded, my “rationalisations” were completely irrational to a “normal” person. I not only heard it inside my head, but also from people in my life- telling me I wasn’t trying hard enough, that I didn’t really want to be sober, if I really loved them then I’d stop drinking, I wasn’t brave enough, and finally, silence- because they had gone past caring and were watching, waiting for me to die. (belle, edit as you see fit)

  • Wonderful way to start a new year, January 1, 2020: listening to the three fundamental cornerstones of sobriety, in Belle’s inspirational, I’m in your corner, voice. I am thankful i can hear this voice, all the way over the Atlantic Ocean, and then across the maddening crowds of the United States, here in my little corner of the world, on the Puget Sound. Thankful that this voice comes into my crowded mind, and sorts the madness there, with a dose of reality: i am not broken, i am not alone, i am not the voice in my head that leads to destruction.