Sober for October (Day 11)

October Day 11

i have created a check-in space here for today. the goal of Sober for October is continuous days sober.

In the comments on the blog, you can say how many continuous days you’ve had so far in October … 3 or 8 or 10 working on today as the 11th continuous day? Only post this 🙂  Don’t post “new day 1 for the 18th time.” Don’t post “Day 366.”

Just post how many continuous days you’ve done in october. You’ll see this long list of people and it’s going to look so cool!

you can put in a screen name when it asks for your ‘name’. and email addresses are NOT displayed (EVER). i also approve every comment before it is posted 🙂 And i’ll edit out stuff that’s not related to the topic.

So you? It’s your turn now. Even if you’ve never posted something on a blog before 🙂 You can say how many continuous sober days you’ve had in October, and what’s the biggest thing you’ve realized so far in the past couple of weeks of doing this…

ok, i’ll start …

hugs, belle xo



sober art. thanks to mr.belle (this is painting #526, painted in vermont and is signed with VT on the back). You can choose the word or symbol that Mr. Belle puts on your painting. Like Stay or Exit or Freedom or maybe your soberversary date.
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I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • 39 days today and I’m hard pressed to think of more impactful decision in my life. Everything feels so much easier, simpler. Some recent highlights: being able to pick up someone else’s kids at 9:30 on a Friday night as a last minute favor to another mom. Going to a 6:00 am class at the Y twice a week. Taking time to talk with my kids at bedtime and remembering it all the next day!

  • 10 days. Supposed to be doing sober October. I’m a weekend binge drinker. Now that I have realized that still can mean I’m an alcoholic I’ve also noticed how much I actually think about drinking.

  • On day 19 ..sleep is wonderful …no more wasted days…I’ll be 60 next year I need ALL my days …feeling good and feeling grateful that I found Belle ..a bit scared of wolfie coming my way at the end of this month …just happens I am going on vacation with some people who love to drink ..I will be listening to your one minute messages and will be reading a lot of your emails as I will need this at this time …hugs to you Belle and thank you so much !!!

  • 17 sober days this October, so far! Had a wobble this afternoon after a particularly trying day, but now happily watching telly totally sober! Yeh!!🎉🎉!

  • I’m up to day 7! No big deal compared to most on here, but – during today’s sunny run – I realised this is almost certainly the longest I’ve ever gone without a drink since I was 17…almost 30 years. Not sure whether to smile or cry about that one, but still one day at a time I guess. Love this blog 🙂

  • 30 days, bitches! (Still feel sad for sweet little Jesse Pinkman…if only he’d had Belle).
    So much easier and better than I imagined. 70 more days to complete the challenge I set out to do. At this point I see no good reason to mess with this good thing I have going so we’ll see how I feel when I hit the mark.

  • At last I’ve got started! 2 days. Eaten rather a lot of cake instead! Fingers crossed and focused for day 3! My best to all the rest of you. X

  • 13 days, 13 sober wins–YES!! One day, one hour, one minute at a time if that’s what it takes. Use those powers of procrastination for good for once, and when Wolfie comes calling (and the biggest thing I’ve learned is that he WILL–LONG after you think he should have forgotten about you), just put it off. Alcohol is a false promise; it won’t make anything better. Ask instead–what am I really needing? Peace? Stress relief? To stop feeling so bad about [ ]? To stop feeling, period? To feel better about [ ]? Whatever it is, it means it’s time to refill/revisit your toolbox. Rearrange your vegetables. Organize your sock drawer. Stare at the sky for a while. Smell the breeze, listen to the crickets, watch that fly buzzing around. If they can get through life without booze, so can you. There is goodness in life, and there are good things you can do for yourself. Hang in there. It’s so worth it. <3

  • 12 days in October … I’ve had a year, got off the elevator and got my ass kicked by Wolfie and wisely said “Nope, not this shit again” and ran back on. I’ll reach through the door to pull you in but I’m not getting off the sober elevator again. Hugs

  • I am 11 days continuously sober and it feels good! I have always had lots of energy but now it abounds. I have been consciously thinking about ways to change the channel in my head and it works. Who knew. Every day feels full of opportunity and I feel like I’m actually properly listening to my parents, my kids and all those who rely on me. Thank you Belle.

  • Day 11 in October and knowing day 12 guaranteed. Last night my husband made me a yummy banana split as my Friday treat and to my delight my new tapestry cushion cover arrived in the post so my hands and mind were kept busy. Why a cover of a lobster? Just because I liked the colours and it’s a bit whacky that’s all. Hadn’t expected floor -cushion size but even more of a challenge! Proves you can look forward to more things than drink on a Friday night so f*** off Woolfie and leave me alone. Love to all you supporters out there.