sober for october

i know how you feel about having a magic sober start date.
i know that wolfie tells you there’s a right day to begin.
after the vacation, after the horse race, after the surgery.
i know it doesn’t seem like it, but wolfie will INVENT imaginary reasons why you should wait.

when really, you start now, you feel better now.

but since i KNOW you’re prone to magical thinking that the date matters, let me present this.
You can do ‘Sober for October‘.

ready? if you need a sober penpal, let me know. if you’ve been a sober penpal before and you need a restart, let me know. if you are gloriously sober and want to add to your sober days, let me know. if you think i’m full of shit, wait a day and see how you feel tomorrow.

Are you in?


Benefits include great sleep, return of self-esteem, elimination of hangovers. Save $400 to $1,000 a month by not drinking. Double your money back if you hate being sober after hundreds of days.
For a limited time. Reach out now.
Operators are standing by.

Sobriety ~ It’s not just for alcoholics anymore.



my blog allows anonymous posts, so you can just make up a screen name for yourself, or you can call yourself Anonymous. Tell us what day sober you are today, and how you hope to feel at the end of a continuous month sober. If you’re on day 2 or day 272, you can still chime in and pledge to rack up continuous days sober in October.


painting #510.
you have potential when you’re sober. link >



I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Day 3. Napping and rereading Belle’s book. Eating lots of carbs…comfort food. Going outside for walks with the dog, but not going to the gym. Can’t handle it yet. So hard to imagine even 30 days AF. Never get past 21 or so. But adding more sober tools this time and realizing that no matter how much Wolfie tries to rationalize it, I just can’t drink.

  • Sober 84 days and never ever going back there again. Sometimes I find myself crying because I’m so fucking happy that I don’t have to drink and feel like shit every damn day. I am not perfect but getting to be a better version of myself which never would have been possible if I was still drinking. Thank you Belle.

  • I went to my local peer support group tonight and was told that my key worker died last night, so sad. She helped me a lot and I wish I’d had a chance to say thank you. Im still sober and remembering my pledge ‘shitty things may happen to someone around me, but there will be no booze. Funerals, weddings, amputation, I’m not drinking for 100 days no matter what.’ I’m putting this online to hold myself accountable. Love to you all 💓 we can make that ‘drink now’ voice in our head very quiet if we dehydrate the Wolf. We can ‘do it’ x

  • 1154 days sober for me! Never thought I would write that 🙂 I still very much read all of Belles emails, usually on a Sunday, it just tops up my little sober car, you never know when wolfie will raise his ugly head. Yes, I get those days when I think ‘Oh it’s so boring sometimes not being able to get drunk’ but then I listen to my drunk husband repeating himself and talking absolute nonsense (ok he is a little funny!) and think, I’m not boring, I still have fun nights and the best bit? I remember every single moment, I will never get bored of that 🙂

  • I am so tired of thinking about how am I going to stop drinking, I am wasting so much of my life on this, its time now today Day 1 #SoberforOctober.

  • 24 days and continuing to delight in life without alcohol. Had a couple days of increased anxiety earlier in the week but I found myself better able to just observe it as a mind state and it passed. Listening to Belle’s podcast as well as This Naked Mind with Annie Grace. I’ve been loving my time in bed reading before I go to sleep and it’s great to have a clear memory of everything I’ve read the next day!

  • Day 141 sober. Just back from sober Adriatic holiday. Never would have done that in the past. Turned out just fine. Had fun trying various local sparkling mineral waters and famous Croatian ice cream or gelato. Gorgeous area, by the way.

  • from MR: “Hi Belle. Day 4 alcohol free today. I’m so grateful to be past day 3 because it was rough in the head. So intense. It is so interesting and wonderful to note that when we just let some hours and a night of sleep go by, beautiful things can happen to our brain. Not every day is awesome but I believe we get what we need for the day ahead! I feel that this latest forage back into the pitcher plant (as I have been calling my 8- day return to alcohol) was somewhat of an innocent forgetfulness of how painful alcohol feels in the body mind and spirit. My intention when I picked up a beer at 73 days sober was not to harm myself, but to feel better, different. I simply forgot that alcohol only does that for about 10 minutes. Followed by the addiction cycle and an entire slew of challenges which I could write a book about, but I don’t need to because there are many. I was asked to reflect on why I slipped up and I did some honest reflection about it. I sincerely believe there was no deep- seated reason. I just felt uncomfortable in the moment and impulsively decided I knew one way to feel different. Perhaps it is that neuro-science thing that I have trained my brain time and again in its pleasure center that a good way to change how I feel is alcohol. But I’m so happy to know that I finally believe a new story. It is simply not true. Alcohol doesn’t work as a long term solution or even a very good short term one because it ALWAYS has messy, unintended consequences of one sort or the other. The end.”

  • Day 75 today and will hit 100 days (for the second time this year) on Nov 3. Belle had been the best help that I have had. Adding the penpal support has been extremely beneficial in my success this time. I don’t hear much from wolfie these days, but I’m sure that asshole will show up again someday…

  • So I have been reading your blog this morning Belle and I picked up on your conversation about the first day being the hardest but you look back and see you left that disgusting habit …poisoning your body…losing days of your life that you wish you could enjoy…and the days go by and you really don’t realize it …I went 10 years…then I went 30 days…I’m now on day 9 and I’m going forward ..I feel great…Belle all your support is so amazing and helpful ..a big hug goes to you!!!

  • Day 1 for me again. I was moderation/quit for a few weeks train and then my elderly mother died suddenly. It’s made me so sad b/c I have a strained relationship with my only sibling. Mother’s death has made it worse. I am hoping that giving up drinking will improve all of the above and I will overcome this challenge!

  • Day 4 for me!!! Feeling AWESOME! The days are a Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday so it feels even more awesome 🙂 Let’s do this everyone!