One Year Of Art — Find Your Exit 2

When I posted the first Exit painting, without mr.belle’s permission, I was prepared for him to be mad.

For meddling in his career. For not asking first.

I saw ‘Exit’ on the painting, and thought “well this goes exactly with what I’ve been saying about how alcohol is an elevator that only goes down, and we have to Exit. Find the door. Get off, and stay off.”

So I photographed, cropped, and posted the first photo on the site. You can see the floor of the living room underneath. I had to tape it to the floor with little rolls of masking tape on each corner to get it to stay flat.

I had no idea how much to list for a price, though. To be honest, if you checked the site that first evening, you’d have seen a half dozen different prices. I started at $50. Then panicked and put it at $30.

A few hours went by and nothing happened.

When I held the painting up to the light, I could see all the layers of paint, like layers of sober supports.

Another hour. Nothing happened.

I set the price at $70 + $14 shipping (having no idea what it would cost to ship). We could call this method of pricing the ‘anal extraction method’ — as I simply pulled the number out of my ass.

And then I went to bed.

I still had no idea why he’d done this Exit painting in the first place.

What did it mean to him?

This is Exit painting #2, and it went to Mlodius in California 🙂
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from me: thanks for your feedback on Part 1 (link below). and thanks for ideas on what parts of the story you want to know more about (like when i said ‘visa’ in Part 1, did you think i meant credit card? i should have said visa for foreigners to live in france…) 
the point in sharing this is to celebrate one year of paintings, and to tell a story (hopefully!) about how being sober is just like putting your (husband’s) art on the internet and opening yourself up to cheerleading (and the occasional barb).
ready for Part 3? yes? (or if you’re bored, let me know and i’ll stop!)~

peewit:  “Yes yes, more story, and more behind the scenes marital shenanigans (!) cos those peeks into your relationship are major teaching tools, I learn so much from them. Plus for an artist (me!) to see someone actually selling such incredible quantities of work and quietly achieving life-changing things which simultaneously hugely impact their audience is very very nice indeed, xxxx.”


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I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012