not drinking – no matter what

I asked subscribers who are following along with the #dryJuly emails to send in an audio message, so I could make up this really lovely compilation of voices from all over the world. You’ll hear someone who sounds like you, from Canada, Germany, England, Australia, Colombia, and the US.


from me:
when i originally thought about sending out little cards in the mail, I was like “ok maybe 20 sets.”

you know, every month for 6 months you’d get an envelope in the mail, and there’d be two cards in there, and a bonus photo.

but really, how many people would you expect might like this?

well i had  no idea. I figured 20. Then it was 100.

as of today it’s 166! isn’t that just wacky?

the thing about these cards, though, is that it’s a one-time offer. you can’t join later, as I’ll be sending them out to everyone at once, and it’d be too confusing to have someone on month #1 and someone else on month #2. so we’ve gotta do it all at the same time.

which is now.

KM: “I love my photos from (+ of) Paris and I have them all stuck on my kitchen tiles – one for every month I’ve been free of drink – like a birthday card every month – congratulating me on my achievement, a positive message that makes me feel I’ve ‘earned’ the photo. Thank you for keeping me going.”

deadline is july 31st, so what is that, 5 days from now? 6? i can’t even count. what happened to july anyway? did i tell you that it’s 42C in paris this afternoon? (108F). so maybe the heat has affected my thinking slightly.

how it works
Every month for 6 months you’ll get an envelope in the mail, and in that envelope will be two cards. Small messages (one-minute messages actually), transcribed, printed, and laminated. Just for you.

They will start here, in my office. I’ll feed the envelops, one by one, through the printer, and then the stamps go on (french stamps when i’m here, or mysterious foreign stamps if i’m travelling!)

And you? You’ll get one envelope in the mail, every month, for 6 months. You can do the math, it’s 6 x 2 cards = 12 cards. And I’ll adjust the timing each month, so you won’t know exactly when it’s coming …


limit: There is a limited number of envelopes i can process each month and so depending on how this goes, I may have to abruptly turn off the sales if the numbers are wacky large.


no late joining: Once i start to mail these, I can’t add new people later. I’d be too confusing. everyone gets the same thing every month. which means we all start together. now. like today.


gift: Yes you can purchase these for someone else. Just fill in YOUR email address but THEIR mailing address.


Bonus for the first 200 people who sign up, i’ll include a little photo in your envelope.


>> You can learn more here <<

P: “I keep the cards close! And, I appreciate the photo as much as I do the cards! I put my ‘photo-of-the-month’ on the kitchen cabinet door where I see it often. It causes me to pause. Reinforces my power to keep sober. Stay the course. Plus, I love to reply “ friend in France..” when someone asks about it. I’m on day 331 today. Pretty proud of myself, too. It’s taken me many, many, years to “get it”. I was one that looked for, and was waiting for, that “special day” to mark my “Day 1”. Funny how it didn’t work out that way. It’s simple…a Saturday in August 2018. I relate to many of the messages you share from your pen pals. Your responses hit home, too. I nod in agreement and say, out loud, “I understand.” A lot. Thanks, Belle, I appreciate all you do. Take care, hugs from Ohio.”


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012