#dryJuly Day 14 – Continuous Days

i wanted to create this check-in space for today. the goal for dryjuly is continuous days sober. in the comments, you can say how many continuous days you’ve had so far in july … 3 or 8 or 13 working on today as the 14th continuous day?

you can put in a screen name when it asks for your ‘name’. and email addresses are NOT displayed (EVER). i also approve every comment before it is posted 🙂

you can say who you are, how many continuous days in july, and what’s the biggest thing you’ve realized so far in the past couple of weeks of doing this… #dryJuly

ok, i’ll start …


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • 20 days. Belle your Facebook video saved me last night, I had a bottle of wine open in front of me after wolfie convinced me my kids were too annoying to deal with day in and day out sober. Thanks for helping me see it for my addicted voice

  • I’m still here. Reporting in a couple days late, but still on track with DryJuly. Today is July 18, so it’s DAY 18 for me today. I love waking up WITHOUT a hangover, but can’t wait till I have more energy and I am able to start focusing on losing the weight I have gained from eating everything in sight. I’m not having a difficult time not drinking, it’s controlling my desire now to eat that’s my current issue. I’m hoping to tackle that soon. Don’t want to overwhelm myself too soon, but will have to address it.

  • Tom checking in!! Continuously sober days? Don’t know, wasn’t helpful. Guess it’s certainly 17 days in July:). The biggest thing I’ve learned is that with out beer, you can calmly and logically work through major problems and come up with multiple resolutions to fix the issue at hand. No screaming, cussing, loosing your shit then regretting it. Just rationally, slowly examining the problem and finding multiple solutions to get fucking rusted seized up broken part off the washing machine. Done and fixed!!!! Pain in the ass, but fixed. NO collateral damage-just fixed! I’m smug and proud for fixing it, but more importantly I never even thought of cracking a beer(or12) to help me figure it out. IT NEVER HELPED! Never once! That would not have been the case 15 months ago. 15 months-that’s my time sober. Glad to be doing dry July!

  • 15 continuous sober days for me in July (which is included in my 130+ can’t remember what sober day I am on) and like someone else mentioned, sober first, keeping my finger on the pulse, not letting overwhelm get the best of me. weight loss, unnecessary multi-tasking and anything else, second.

  • I read all of the 48 comments posted and can relate to every one! We are an amazing bunch! So day 15 in July and day 30 all together. I was in the pink cloud for the first couple weeks. I used a hypnosis app called Quit Drinking by Andrew Johnson. So, no will power struggles. 2 days ago I had an non-alcoholic beer ( I checked: it was 0%). AND I WANTED another. The power of the craving scared me. So, thankfully, I remembered Belle and Wolfie, ordered a pop and can post with pride today.

  • I’m on day 16 today. last night as we went to bed after a very busy very social weekend, my husband thanked me for being sober. He said ‘i know how hard it is for you to be sober around all this drinking & bbq etc. but its so much nicer to have you happy and not being nasty’. I usually hate when he comments on my ‘attempts’ to improve myself, but this time i felt warm and content with his support. Thank you all for posting. onwards!!

  • I’m on day 133! For the first time in as long as I can remember I feel proud of me and I believe I am good enough. July was going to be tough as it was my first sober holiday away- but I did it- slept amazingly well enjoyed the sunshine and sea with the kids, came home rested. It’s still not easy- some days are tough, what keeps me going is knowing that alcohol will not solve anything and how disappointed I will feel with myself. I have less anxiety, sleep better, treat myself almost daily, engage with my kids better!
    Good enough!

  • 15 days of no alcohol. Wolfie came calling Saturday but I told him to get stuffed. I was so glad Sunday spent the full day with my family drove to a very beautiful place and had a picnic I was so glad I wasn’t fighting a hangover or even trying to drive with one , I find for me the hardest is the weekend party time or if I’m fed up pouring myself into a battle . I really don’t want those days back ,I need to keep Wolfie in this place and that’s the hard bit but I’m managing it so far. So thank you very much for all your support

  • … now at 2 days. I’ve learned that the one person I usually end up slipping with isn’t worth it. She’s a train wreck and while she’s fun, it’s hard to watch her get blackout drunk. Hopefully that will make this week easier. Also I’m finding that there’s not a lot of thought process from Wolfie. It’s more like he’s poking me with a sharp stick. I’m kind of bummed that I gave in because I had really deep sleep on night 4.

  • On day 14 in July but Day 77 . I realize that there have been many gatherings where either no one drank or if they did it was just 1 or 2 it makes me wonder if I was the catalyst for other people drinking more than their norm ???? Even hubby isn’t drinking as much or any

  • I have 14 days dry July. Today is day 195 for me. I had my last day 1 January 1st. I protect my continuous days sober fiercely. I now understand what situations trigger my drinking voice. I avoid: large gatherings with lots of booze (annoying people), dinners with colleagues (that I don’t know well…or care to know), letting myself believe that I am not thin enough or young enough.
    I now surround myself with a few great friends to have a soda water with, suppers with my family and an attitude of gratitude. I am great just the way I am. A little plump, with lots of experience to help mentor.
    Sober Gip Rocks!

  • [day 10 continuously sober]. I’m finding Belle’s help invaluable and all the comments I read that she passes on. I’m in it for the long run, I feel so happy and healthy. I’m 73 but feel about 43!!!!

  • 28 days = all of July plus some
    I’ve been feeling great and have had some major mind shifts about drinking. I no longer crave or want it. It’s been a long time coming to get to this mind set ( 6 years! Of learning about being AF and working towards my goal ). But I’m finally here. And I feel fantastic. So worth the effort!!

  • Hiya! I’m Heather. I have been alcohol free all of July. Since the weather has been so nice, loads of people we know are having BBQs and parties and I have noticed that the smell of alcohol on people and being around drunk/semi-drunk people is absolutely repulsive to me. It was disgusting. I didn’t use any excuse strategies actually, I just said I didn’t want to be around a bunch of drunk idiots, it wasn’t my kind of fun and I was off. Perhaps I could have been a more polite version of myself (although I didn’t feel bad at all regarding my comments)…and it didn’t matter anyway…because no one remembered me even arriving! Bingo.

  • A learning just yesterday – a “try different” – to help OTHERS on the same journey increased my motivation and accountability. And more reading and writing about it. Don’t take your finger off the pulse, stay connected. Looking forward to waking up proud on Day 3!

  • On day 5 in July after almost 2 years sober. Everyday wolfie bugged me that I didn’t have a problem, that this challenge was stupid, that my husband and all my friends wanted the real me back. So..I drank, and guess what…I stepped off the elevator at the exact place I left off. Within days I was right back to hungover Monday’s, emotional, angry, low frustration, etc. So, here I am, humbled but realistic. I can not manage alcohol. It does not agree with me, it eats my life, my relationships, my money, my time and my health. I can only say thank you to Belle..she reached out after not hearing from me in a while and it turned me around. I thought Wolfie had me, I was done for and I knew it. Yet, she reached out, she said new day 1, she said its ok, she didn’t judge. On day 5 and have never been more sure that a sober life is the only life for me.

  • 42 days continuously! I had a dream last night that I was in a terrible social situation and got very angry and stormed to the pub and drank cider! I was horrified when I woke up and so relieved it hadn’t happened. I feel more content and definitely getting more sleep.

  • I didn’t start Dry July until the 7th (my day 1), so today, I am working on day 8. This is not my first go around at this, but I’m finding it easier this time (5th attempt, I think) over the past 3 years. I have noticed my emotions OUT OF CONTROL these past few days (mainly crying). I am using my 100 day challenge to train for my 6th 1/2 marathon, but this time without having any alcohol during training (something I’ve never been able to do). I’m hoping to PR, but just finishing would be nice at this point. 😉 All the other times I tried to quit drinking, I never had another goal set. I think having a positive running (for me) goal is really helping this time. I know I’m only starting week 2, but I’d love for some of this weight to start coming off! One day at a time though…

    • Sobriety first. Weight will come off later. I was always on a healthy eating plan each day 1. I still eat healthy (no sugar, no processed food) but this time my sobriety is number one. I do not obsess over the scale, and once in awhile I have a dessert. Day 195 today.

  • [longest continuously sober in July is 4 days.] I am learning that social situations make it difficult to abstain. It just old habits that make it hard to change. Thinking about having to start day 1 over and over again helps motivate. And I’m definitely tired of thinking about it. The longer I can go sober the easier it gets and I’m going to finish July strong!

  • On day 14. This is not my first rodeo ( I’m from Texas, so forgive me). But it is diff this time. I am kinder to myself and not fighting, fighting, fighting being sober. In the past, I approached it as a bum deal foisted on me. I can’t drink? Whaaa!! This time I have tried to just accept that this is the biological hand I have been dealt. It could be a worse hand. I am in control of this game and it is my turn to deal. Have a happy sober day.

    • I am on day two. I have tried to ride this bull too many times to count, but always seem to get bucked off. It is biological, you are right! I love your analogy of card playing! I am the dealer at the table next to yours. Let’s win the shit out of this game 😉

  • I’m on Day 22 today! And many things have changed for the better….my relationships, my attitude, my skin. But the biggest, and best, thing I’ve realized these last three weeks is that I’m happy! I mean really, truly fucking happy!! I smile and greet everyone, even the mean guy down the street who told me last year he didn’t like the color I painted my house. I didn’t realize how much alcohol was effecting my ability to be happy with my life, and myself. Last night was my birthday dinner with my two daughters. I had told them both I was taking a break from drinking. My youngest asked me what I was ordering to drink for my birthday, and I said seltzer with a splash of cranberry. She turned to me and said “good for you mom, I’m proud of you.” I get teary eyed just thinking about….happy tears!!

  • Hi-this is day 14 of Dry July for me and day 288 in total-who’d have thought I’d have the will-power? Not me for sure!
    One thing I’m noticing increasingly since I started this is how much more assertive I’ve become and vocal about my self worth. Previously I would accept all kinds of bad behaviour from friends, colleagues, family -and justify that it was all I was worth. Now I can be objective, respond in an appropriate way and stand up for myself. Some people are adjusting to this and others ( soon to be ex’s of one sort or another) aren’t, but so what-I’m doing what suits me these days.
    This lady takes no booze-takes no shit either! 🙂

  • Working on day 14 today. I realized very quickly that I have been using wine as a substitute for self care. In the last 13 days I’ve done more for myself than I have in the last year. Taking care of myself in meaningful ways is pretty amazing.

  • My last drink was June 29, day 15 for me. So happy to feel the sunshine inside once again!! What a proud accomplishment for us all as we look in our rear view mirror and wave bye bye to day one! KMAW (kiss my ass wolfie) you can huff and puff but you will NOT blow me down. Congratulations to everyone who is working so hard like Belle says this shit IS hard! Much love to you all xoxo!!

  • I did the first two days, drank on the 3rd. Today is 8 consecutive days. The longest I’ve managed in.. I don’t know how long. I didn’t think I had an issue until I decided I really didn’t want to have a drink one day and I kept drinking anyway. I found that there was still a part of me that battled that decision, a part of me that disagreed. A part of me that keeps inventing reasons to drink: boredom, happiness, awkwardness, Sunday, because I’m tired or because I won’t drink tomorrow. I know in my heart that I don’t want to. That the bit of me that wants to is self-destruct, even if it’s disguised as fun-loving or carefree. I don’t want to be hungover tomorrow, I want more time, more clear-headedness. And I really want to know who I am without alcohol. So I’m sticking to: just do today. Just don’t have a drink today. Tomorrow will be easier because, if nothing else, I won’t feel disappointed in myself again.

  • I am on day 105 following a relapse, where I got to day 75. Kicking myself as I’d be so much further ahead if I hadn’t.
    The hard thing for me is doing all the firsts sober. So first time going away in the caravan sober, first ceilidh sober, first abroad holiday sober.
    But once I’ve done all of these things once they are soooo much easier! And now I’ve done all 3 and and more and I feel like my confidence is increasing too. Who knew you could party and socialise with people sober and actually enjoy yourself? 🙂

  • 13 days working on 14 for the month of July. But total continuous I’m in the 70’s. Is it easier… I don’t know. I still have lots of cravings but I some how power through. Just keep swimming.

  • Today marks my 7th continuous day. Thanks for letting this “count.” I have been feeling bad for slipping a couple of days earlier this month when my goal was to have 7/1 as my real and total and perfect Day 1. But I’m going to let that go now and just say that I’m doing great 🙂

  • Day 14. It’s good!!!! Everyday I wake up and think….I was present yesterday and last night. No worrying about who I called or texted that I don’t remember. Wolfie is my constant companion but I remind him that I can’t stand feeling like crap in the morning so I’m going to pass On taking his advice that a glass of wine will make things better….because it actually doesn’t. The daily emails have been a fantastic added support!

  • I have 13 days of July sober with 10 days continuous so far. Before that had 32 days in May/June which is my longest number of days. The tools here are very helpful. Also realizing I have more anxiety than I previously knew/acknowledged. I’ve always thought of myself as more of a depression person but maybe that was the alcohol and really I am more of an anxious person who is medicating with alcohol which then makes me depressed. Always interesting to see what triggers me. Yesterday was a BBQ, outdoor spaces, hot weather and a whole bunch of people I don’t really know that well. Made it through just fine with iced tea and seltzer but dang it if at the beginning I didn’t want to drink “like everyone else”.

  • I lurk in and out of this support site, and unless I have missed it, I have never, ever seen any comment suggesting the MIRACLE pill, disulfiram (Antabuse). Sure, it’s a crutch, but ohhhhh, boy, what an effective one, and the ONLY thing that has been able to truly end the maddening inner debate, “to drink, or not to drink?” That will always be the question for me; I will never stop wanting that cold glass (bottle) of pinot grigio or prosecco, but taking the little white half-pill daily means I absolutely, utterly cannot have even a sip without horrible consequences. I do hope one day I can resist the longing without help, but meanwhile, I am deeply thankful it’s there. Fourteen months of sobriety so fat, but without my Higher Power in tablet form I’d probably be fourteen months dead. So, yep, 14 dry July days…

    • i talk about antabuse all the time. it’s not a crutch. it’s medication that ensures that you won’t drink. and that means you’re sober. to me, that sounds like it’s working!

  • I’m 14 days in dry July but 36 continuous. It’s not easy but so worth it. I’m happy not to have the foggy head or hangovers. Love my early workouts, better skin, less bloating and mostly proud of myself that I’m not controlled by wolfie.

  • Last drink was a beer with dinner on the 22nd of June so July has indeed been dry 🙂
    Revisiting sobriety after 8.5 months last year – Belle’s book and the Instagram community are helping a lot this time round.

  • So my discussions in my head had me back and forth during the first dry week of July – 2 days consecutively, then a slip, 1 day, then a slip but now I’m on day 8 and am feeling really, well, aware of the constant struggle in my head. The behaviours that just don’t serve me but the constant struggle to try to justify old habits. This is tough, but I’ll just take things a day at a time and try not to get overwhelmed. Chamomile tea has been helping and a good replacement for my usual evening wind down beverage. Keep going (said to myself and to you too ❤️).

  • Drinking is a bad, unhealthy habit…one I desperately want to replace with good stuff…like exercise and joy. Dry July is a great way to kick the yucky habit and get on the path to positive. Last drink June 30, 2019

  • So I’m on the 12th day of continuous days sober in July..
    The thing I’m learning since relapsing twice in as many months is that I need to be aware of all things that cause me to numb out. ( not eating and painkillers to name but two)
    I’m also learning to focus on staying sober NOW and trying to open up my mind and heart to anything which will help me.
    My mental health has a huge impact on me being able to stay sober so I’m also receiving help from professionals and trying out new medication. It is a humbling experience in deed but if I want to feel better I know I need to try what is suggested.
    Good to be here! It’s certainly helping ; knowing that others are doing this sober thing as well! ☺️

  • Day 14 of #DryJuly. I love how I’ve stopped the torment of constantly thinking about drinking (wake up regret the night before continue with self recriminations throughout the day until about 4pm when it changes to will I won’t I drink until give in about 7pm, drink at least a bottle of wine, fall into bed, have crap night’s sleep, wake up repeat)!!!! What’s not to love about losing all that 😁

  • My last drink was June 30 2019. I am just finishing my 14th day sober of Dry July. I do dry July every year in Australia to raise money for those affected by cancer. This year I’m hoping to continue the momentum after July is over. Belle has coached me through 100 days two years ago, but I thought after that I could moderate again…. yep (forehead slap ).
    So I’m here now and I’m doing it and going to ‘Stay Here’.
    Sober Sass.

  • This is day 7 for me. I feel strong and supported. I’ve been following many of the tips you’ve shared. I love the one minute messages; they not only inspire me, but make me consider so many negative aspects about alcohol in my life. Continued progress to all!!

  • hi 🙂 I’ve done 14 sober days in july so far. my biggest realization in the last two weeks: I have still the same needs when I’m sober (e.g. need more alone time than people around me) – I just have to learn ways to get them met without using alcohol. and being sober has been the requirement for even realizing this kind of underlying needs …

    • The phenomenon of drinking because we feel obligated to be social when we’d rather just be ALONE is huge. Huge, huge, huge. Someone needs to write a book about it. Wishing you luck in moving into your own skin…

  • Last drink 6/30/19. The first 10 days are hard. Every time you start over it’s a bear. I casually thought I could have a drink every now and then but Wolfie hangs on with a vengeance. I’ve got a few friends who came along with me.Thanks for the support. 😎

  • I’m on day 14 of dry July but actually day 86 of 100 for me. As day 100 approaches I have been hearing from Wolfie. He’s been saying that I deserve to reward myself by drinking for a day after day 100. He’s pretty convincing. Then I went to a party(yesterday). Lots of drinking etc. going on. I drank my N/A. A couple of people got really drunk and obnoxious. And Wolfie’s voice began to fade. I don’t want to go back there! F.U. Wolfie!

  • I wanted a way to stop relapsing and having more and more Day 1’s. Dry July seemed a good way to start. Date of last drink – 30 June 2019

  • hi 🙂 i’ve done all of july continuously sober; i’m on my longest sober day today. the thing i’ve realized in the last 2 weeks is that you can’t MAKE a wow moment happen. they just come. little glimmers and flashes. not one big HOLY COW but lots of little cowlets.