things larger than elvis :)

memphis. very warm (32C). the tour of Sun Studio (birth place of rock and roll) yielded a very interesting post-tour conversation with our guide ‘G’. we were the last ones in the room (with the famous microphone, and the x on the floor where elvis stood), and in making conversation i asked G about his radio voice, his tour-guide persona, and i asked him about his way of being entertaining and commanding authority at the same time. he talked about radio and podcasts, i said i did a podcast, he asked what about … and i told him. he asked for the website name for ‘friends’. said he knew a few people who’d gotten sober after a low bottom. i said that some sites have resources to help quit drinking before a bottom. to stop early. to remove the shit that doesn’t serve us. he shook my hand. i put some tip money in his tour guide container.

stuff like this changes you. changes me. am i a super huge elvis fan? my husband is. i go for him AND i learn things along the way. large things. things maybe larger than elvis 🙂

if booze is an elevator that only goes down, you can get off and stay off. this is Exit in mandarin. photo taken in the memphis backyard of our dumpy rental house.

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I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • over the past 3 months I have found that I am doing so many things that I never would have dreamed of while I was drinking. Going to bed early on vacation, sober. Going on an urban photoshoot, sober – I did it for my friend who really really wanted to do this photo shoot to celebrate our friendship. I wouldn’t have done it before, when I was drinking. I would have cared more about how much or where I was drinking, than doing something that my friend would really like to do. Being sober has opened my eyes to the interests of the people around me. I learn more about me, but also more about my friends and family. As you mentioned, learning large things…